After four years, Eventing Worldwide’s Owner and Editor, Louise Elliott is looking for a new custodian to take the site on and grow it to its full potential.


With over 50,000 webpage visits per month during the peak season, 10,000 Twitter followers and 8,500 facebook likes, the site has grown considerably in recent years. From its inception by Hils Manners as a subscription based membership site, Eventing Worldwide is now free to use and has become one of the world’s leading eventing websites.

Owner and Editor, Louise Elliott comments –

“I’ve owned and run the site with the help of a fantastic team for nearly four years, it’s been a lot of fun and very rewarding; but alongside my full time job, the success and growth of the site mean it is time to find someone with more time and fresh ideas in order to fulfil its full potential.”


So a new year and a new challenge, is this the opportunity you’ve been waiting for?

Team photo by Lucy Hall


Running one of the UK’s largest and most popular eventing websites is no mean feat but time and enthusiasm for the sport is all that you need.  There is a reliable and enthusiastic team of photographers, reporters and bloggers set for the 2015 season, put simply,  the BE calendar awaits you.


The website provides a unique and one-off opportunity to get involved at the top of the industry.


Louise adds:

“As an established news medium, the EWW news desk receives regular press releases from events, riders and PR companies which provide the basis for the news section. On top of that, as editor, you have the freedom to explore and write about topics and issues of your choice or invite guest writers to do so.”

Each year EWW secures accreditation to all leading horse trials from Badminton to Blair, Kentucky to WEG, and is invited to press days, launches and openings.


“Sending a reporter to meet and photograph the GB Team ahead of WEG was a pretty special moment, as was the invitation to meet Sam Griffiths at his yard after his Badminton win”

Income is derived from advertising such as banner ads and also collaborative opportunities including guest articles and Tried and Tested features. Revenue has been growing year on year and there is potential to grow the site into a successful business and reward the EWW team properly for the hours they put in behind the scenes.


“Working full time and by no means 9 til 5 has just not allowed me to really pursue income opportunities, however running the site and building a great team of reporters, photographers and bloggers has been great fun”

Added Louise.

If you are interested in taking on EWW for the 2015 season and beyond, please get in touch with Louise by email

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