Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials – The Trot Up

As the sun shown down on Badminton House, 77 horses came forward for the first horse inspection at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials.

Australia’s Christopher Burton withdrew one of his horses before the first inspection leaving him with one contender for the title. He withdrew Haruzac saying “He was just not quite right today. He is such a special horse who always gives his all, so it is important to us not to abuse his generosity.”

There was a nervous wait for three riders who were sent to the holding box. New Zealander Jonelle Price and British riders Tom Crisp (Coolys Luxury) and Simon Grieve (Cornacrew) were all called back for re-inspection by the Grand Jury of Marilyn Payne, Andrew Bennie and Angela Tucker, but we’re accepted and go forward to the dressage.

Dressage starts at 9.30 tomorrow, following the ‘guinea pig’ rider Wills Furlong and his 2015 Young Rider European medal winner Livingstone II (9:10 am). Oliver Townend will be the first rider into the arena with one of his two rides Armada.

Sarah Carless

Photographs courtesy of Lorraine Porter

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