Mirrors for Training is thrilled to return to Mitsubushi Motors Badminton Horse Trials this year. Seen at many shows up and down the country, Badminton is always a very special event.

Founded in 2006, Mirrors for Training is a family business, based in a purpose built manufacturing pippaandwilliamfacility in Wolverhampton, West Midlands. The company’s customer base has grown over the years as it offers a quality product, which is functional and very safe. Now supplying arena mirrors across the UK and Europe, Mirrors for Training’s client list reads like a ‘who’s who’ of eventing. Riders including Mary King, Pippa Funnell, Sam Griffiths, Oliver Townend, Zara Phillips, Paul Tapner, Jonelle and Tim Price, Mark Todd and Andrew Nicholson have all invested in Mirrors for Training products, let alone a lengthy list of dressage riders, show jumpers and even carriage drivers. The use of training mirrors is one aspect that links nearly all the equine disciplines in both professional and amateur spheres.

So what makes Mirrors for Training so special?

Essentially the Mirrors for Training products are superior quality, with non-warp frames, impact absorbing cushioners and safety film. All the safety mirror glass is processed in house using Pilkington® opti-mirror®. It is safety backed and manufactured to British Standards giving a far superior product.

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But what does that mean to the consumer, and isn’t it more cost effective to buy cheaper mirrors?

In one answer NO! It’s only until you see and really understand the quality of the product that you get an idea of what you are buying into. In any yard, be it amateur or professional, safety is paramount, as is value for money. Some riders opt for cheap acrylic mirrors, often purchased from the Far East and Eastern Europe which are sold by third party mirror companies on the internet. The issue with these is that they distort, so you get an unrealistic mirror image and can’t use the mirrors for checking level ness or straightness. They really are akin to the distortion mirrors you see at fun fairs – not entirely helpful as you are checking out your shoulder in!


From a safety angle the mirrors processed in house and are safety backed. In the event of an accident they will prevent injury from broken mirror. For any rider this has to be top priority and is one of the reasons why Mirrors for Training is the go-to brand for arena mirror supply.

Lastly, the company offers a 3 year guarantee on its system which isn’t matched by any other supplier. The mirrors are also installed using a tilt mechanism so that they are angled to specific requirements. This is a key part of the installation and often overlooked by cheaper brands.


Add to this that approximately 65 percent of the population are visual learners and 90 percent of information that comes to the brain is visual, and you will see why installing a set of Mirrors for Training Arena Mirrors will help riders improve their riding and horse’s way of going.

Mirrors for Training can help you design the best arrangement of mirrors, for indoors or outside requirements.stable4 copy

Do you need to know more?

During Badminton week, the Mirrors for Training team will be available to answer any questions and talk you through the product. Thecompany is also running a not-to-be-missed offer which will be of great interest to riders wishing to source the best mirrors on the market and the fitting know how supplied by this top end British company.

The Offer – Buy four non-warp Arena Mirrors for £1000+VAT Arena Mirrors are 4ft x 8ft and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Visit Mirrors for Training at this years Badminton Horse Trials at World of Horse

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