Mirrors for Training has recently donated four of its mirrors to Help for Heroes, the charity that supports veterans and serving personnel who have been wounded, injured or become ill while serving their country.

The company, best known in the equestrian industry for its non-warp arena mirrors, also produces gym and fitness mirrors. Four portable mirrors on wheels have been donated to Phoenix House at Catterick in North Yorkshire -one of Help for Heroes’ four Recovery Centres, and the only one in the North.

“Help for Heroes approached me asking if they could purchase four gym mirrors,” says Andrea Miles, Managing Director for Mirrors for Training. “My immediate thought was that I could give them the mirrors, so that’s what I did. The mirrors supplied are fully portable, so can be moved around to different rooms or next to different pieces of equipment as needed. Help for Heroes is an amazing charity who do extraordinary work with injured servicemen and women. It’s nice to feel that I’ve been able to help in a small way, and that the charity can put the money that they would have used for gym mirrors towards other equipment.”

The mirrors will be used in the Recovery Centre’s gym to facilitate the rehabilitation and recovery of wounded, injured and sick servicemen, women and veterans.


Rob Hood, Supported Activities Manager at Phoenix House, said gym work was an integral part of the recovery process, whatever the injury, and that the mirrors had already proved invaluable.

“They are used when teaching someone with a prosthetic leg how to walk correctly from the hip,” says Rob Hood. “Seeing themselves in a mirror is the only way they can really understand what they look like and, from there, what they need to do to correct their walking style. Similarly, the mirrors enable weightlifters to ensure their lifting technique is correct, thereby preventing damage to their bodies.”

To find out more about Mirrors for Training, see www.mirrorsfortraining.co.uk or call 01902 791207.

To find out more about Help for Heroes, see www.helpforheroes.org.uk.

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