So with not even 24 hours I will be on the road hopefully to arrive at Badminton Grassroots!!

It still all seems so surreal, now that I have my times I thought that the nature of competing would kick in; but it’s still there! My nerves are completely battling with me at the moment!

I woke up on Thursday with what seemed to be a nasty throat infection; since then it has settled down to become just a very nasty and irritating cold! Definitely seems to be my luck at the moment! I stay up awake until the sun begins to come back out just dreaming of Badminton and I haven’t gotten any sleep all week! Even when I stop thinking about badminton I then can’t sleep because I’m simply just so nervous!

Ester, my trainer ( Ben Liles) and I have been putting in hours of preparation this week! Ester must be so skeptical about all the fuss! We have changed bits! Dropped feed, boosted feed and got new feed! Whether any of it will put a stop to our madness… I don’t really know! Anyway, we’ve had countless hours and many a run through of our test and each individual movements! All I need to do now is remember the test and stay in the correct pace! ( its seems to prove very difficult for me!!)
I think back and there is maybe one slight issue on my preparation these last 2 weeks… I have seemed to have run out of time and we haven’t been out for a long gallop hack and have therefore not done any long stretches of canter?!? We have done one hack where we met some cows and said hello to Esters colored ancestors ( sorry ester!)

I have received so much support lately and it is really lovely and means so much to me! We were given some lovely handmade/customised items for us to enjoy at badminton; a lovely cake, food and drink hamper, customized chalk board, diary & pen, a goody bag for the pony and bunting with different words on each fold! Really well thought out with all the ribbon being our xc colours! So a huge thank you to Sheldon’s family ( Esters yard/eventing and field friend) We have also received some amazing things from company’s as a good luck present and complimentary for badminton! From the likes of; global herbs, NAF, Absorbine, horse first and my wonderful sponsors!

So with the lorry all packed and prepared! Basically full with lots of water proofs, food and haynets! We will set off Tomorrow morning to then prepare for our busy week at badminton! Not too excited to walk the course… but very excited to go shopping! Got my shopping list all prepared and lets just hope it all fits into the lorry! And fingers crossed for a miraculous change in the weather!

Thank you to everyone for the support! Want to follow my story on Facebook? Please like my eventing page:

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