Hello everyone, I would love you to all know, I am Megan the new Badminton Grassroots blogger!
I am 14 years of age and about to enter my 3rd year of eventing in partnership with my wonderful 14.1 skewbald, Welsh Sec D called Hamlin Ester ( Ester.) I definitely owe a huge thank you to Eventing Worldwide who have given me this lovely, exclusive opportunity!

Megan XC


I think it’s fair to say that Ester and I have had a slightly stalled start to the year, but it’s been a start!
January started as a slight holiday month, however, we did get out once! We attended a lovely clinic run by British Eventing and taught by Eric smiley, this clinic slot was given to us courtesy of my lovely sponsor, Michelle Wylde.
It was great to get out… even though it was about 12 minutes down the road, but an outing is an outing! In the group Ester and I were by far the smallest, with the other members competing Novice and 1* but I think we were underestimated! However we definitely proved ourselves as we flew over all of the angles, bounces, related distances and oxers all at novice height! But despite the heights, it was a lovely and useful outing with some great tips to come away with. We then continued through January with lovely hacks and a slight fitness regime!

There has been a slight delay to the start of our season due to our instructor (Ben Liles) relishing in the lovely beams of the Florida sun whilst working for Tina Konyot! I am looking forward to when he gets back to show me all the fresh things he has learnt for me to execute whilst schooling and competing.

Meanwhile, during the past week Ester underwent some rehab treatment due to being very tight and sore in her hamstrings and her back, most definately caused by her excitement and freedom in the field. We are very lucky to have such a committed and wonderful sponsor, Michelle was there straight away to loosen Ester and relive her just perfectly! So it was my job to help Ester with her week of rehab before a few futhuer sessions with Wylde sports therapy to make sure she was back to herself, of which contains her distinctive energy!



So our program started with, inhand walks, then a light stretchy walk in the school, light walk and trot long and low before being followed up with the massage pad everyday which Ester approves highly of! As the massage pad begins to work, she nods off and goes into such a deep sleep and her bottom lip begins to slightly wobble to the pulses of the massage pad, I must admit it is very cute.
It’s most definitely not like Ester to have any issues as we haven’t had any since we bought her however as her health is far more important than any competitions, we haven’t yet competed this year… but we have many planned!



We were meant to be doing NSEA dressage (but the team got balloted out) Showjumping competitions and also British Dressage competitions, but I’d much rather be safe than sorry and especially when it comes down to Esters health and well being! So it has been a slow struggle to get Ester back into the swing of her fitness regime but we are progressing and she is still her lovely self and the harsh winter weather hasn’t got to us too much!

We are almost up to scratch with our full set of stud holes and a new eventing saddle being customized for Ester and I by Julia Garrett – definitely something to look forward too!

We hope to get up to lots of training and outings during the half term! And will be sure to get lots of videos and pictures!

Thank you everyone

Megan Alecock & Hamlin Ester

 Megan and Ester are proudly sponsored by


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