Mechanical Millie

Lindy Wale Certified Practioner…..

Mechanical Millie as she is known is the only fully portable machine of her kind travelling the UK but why is she special? 

Millie is special as she helps me to help you.  I thrive on helping individuals smash through all the obstacles and coming out the other side physically and mentally. The harder the battle the more I love to fight with you to prove against all odds it’s possible. This Is why I brought Millie.  

I was already teaching people to ride  and working with quirky horses however as winter hit and I was still a new start up business it was becoming harder and harder to teach and reach out to the amount of people I needed to survive.  So I had the idea, what if I could help riders, even if we didn’t have an arena to ride in, or the weather conditions were awful, or even if there was no horse available?

Si I welcomed to the yard Mechanical Millie. Millie allows riders to feel. She allows riders to feel the motion that she creates and the rider can learn what muscle groups they need to use to harmonise with her movement.

I’m sure we have all heard the traditional, grip with the knees and polish the saddle? All quite old fashioned but frequently used terms but actually incredibly unhelpful. You polish from back to front on the saddle yes? That movement has a start and a stop to it so how do you get back to the start again if only taught to polish, For the ‘polishing the saddle’ analogy to be effective in canter it needs to be a continue motion – like a circle. To play with this principle depends on how long striding or collected your canter is and this will determine the size of the circle. 

 I always encourage smiling when riding!  As a sport or hobby it’s too expensive and time consuming not to enjoy it, so always smile and show us those pearly whites. Shoving ones cleavage out when riding is however not always helpful. If you have good posture are sitting up nicely and that core is engaged shoving your chest out generally brings peoples shoulders back and they start hollowing. Not something you want when you were already sitting beautifully on your hose. 

Clever Millie knows all this and to help you learn in a quick and efficient manor she will not work until you get it right. She will patiently stand in a lovely halt position until you engage the correct bodily parts and muscle groups to engage her movement. It sounds horrid and I promise you everyone gets on terrified that they will not be able to make her move! 


With guided tuition and physical hands on tuition, enabled by her being a static device Millie and I can help you achieve results at greater speeds compared to just using trial and error on a real horse.

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