ME Pilates Rider Biomechanics

ME Pilates Ltd is an Equestrian Pilates and Rider Biomechanics business, with a passion for supporting riders in their strive for correct riding posture, straightness, symmetry, balance and core strength, amongst others. Mandy Milborrow, owner of ME Pilates, trained at Equipilates, HQ, in Ripley, Derbyshire, founded by dressage rider, trainer, Pilates teacher, Specialist Biomechanics Coach and author, Lindsay Wilcox-Reid. Mandy has 39 years riding experience and is passionate about bringing Pilates to the benefit of riders and making that difference with proven results and tracked development. 

ME Pilates Rider Biomechanics

What is your motivation? We focus so much attention on ensuring optimum performance from our horses. We invest in regular dental checks, equine massage, back assessments and checks, vetinary work, equipment, supplements and these are but a few, and all tailored towards the horse and not ourselves. 

Do you recognise any familiarity with the below?:

I feel unbalanced in the saddle

My trainers says I am crooked

My balance is poor

I am stronger in one leg/hand than the other

I am returning to riding after a break/injury/baby

I suffer from posture related aches and pains

I struggle with sitting trot

My horse keeps going unlevel and I think it might be me?

ME Pilates offers movement and alignment therapy for riders. Its multi-faceted approach improves postural alignment, partnership and performance. It is focussed on ‘fine tuning’ your body in to a more efficient, more effective, more flexible, more balanced, more elegant, functionally stronger and also more relaxed version of itself.

There are multiple factors involved in a successful partnership between horse and rider and everyone has different goals, dependent on your discipline and for example, whether you are a happy hacker or an Event rider. It is possible to train your horse to be more responsive and to improve your influence as a rider. Becoming aware of biomechanical connections, between our aims and actions – the connections between our minds and bodies – and of similar connections within our horses and ponies, helps us connect more fully.

The intrinsically balanced rider is aware of their own biomechanical and postural imbalances and has the tools and techniques to improve them.  This means they are far more empowered to manage these issues from within.   When riding a horse, they are able to feel where the horse is crooked as they start in a much more neutral position and are able to prevent themselves from being drawn into the horse’s pattern and instead invite the horse to join their own, straight and balanced pattern of moving.  ‘Neutral’ is not a rigid, ‘held’ position manufactured to create an illusion of good alignment, but in this instance means that the tensions in the soft tissues of the body are optimal and even; the body adopts ‘neutral’ simply because that is the most comfortable place to be.

ME Pilates

This different approach to standard Pilates, is particularly tailored to rider’s needs. It promotes optimal function in the muscles a rider really needs for support, and releases the muscle groups which tend to overwork or be too ‘sleepy’! It also includes techniques and exercises from other bodywork and movement modalities, which are really effective for improving riding. Taught by a rider for riders, the programmes are based around ensuring better biomechanical function with the latest science based research, before developing partnership and performance with a holistic approach.

ME Pilates Ltd offers a range of Rider Biomechanics and screening sessions, Pilates matwork, including group classes, 121 sessions and specialist workshops as we well as remote and online support and consultancy.

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