McTimoney practitioner undertakes research into the benefits to equines of new towing technology

McTimoney animal practitioner, Dr Emma Punt from Leicestershire has been working closely with Jaguar Land Rover on new technology to make equine transport safer and less stressful for both the horse and owner.

Jaguar Land Rover have developed a new system that makes a trailer or caravan appear see through when being towed.  This camera, called the “Transparent trailer” removes the blind spot when towing.   Also included in this new technology is a system called “Cargo sense” which warns the driver if there is abnormal movement in the trailer whilst towing.

Emma has been invited to be the research lead for the British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Emma Punt at Burghley Horse Trials Low resAssociation (BARTA) research project on transportation.  The project will be supported by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC).  The research project aims to find out more about the physiological and behavioural responses of horses to transportation.  Emma will use her McTimoney skills to help assess this.  She will also see how Jaguar Land Rover’s Cargo Sense technology could be used to indicate horse distress.

Emma said, “Whether it is to help prevent road accidents and injuries to horse and handler, or even to simply ensure your horse arrives at its destination stress free, I’m sure every owner would like to learn how to reduce stress for their horse during travel”.

“Gaining a better understanding of the environment inside the trailer, and the horse’s reaction to it, would aid making the animal more comfortable during travel and ensure the horse is capable of performing to the best of its ability once he reaches his destination.  Using my McTimoney experience I will be able to look into the impact the stress and movement of travelling has on the musculoskeletal system.” Emma continued.

This is an exciting time for research pieces within the McTimoney Animal Association, earlier this year several pieces of McTimoney research were presented at the British Society of Animal Science Conference, and the British Small Animals Veterinary Congress.

All McTimoney Animal Practitioners have completed an undergraduate degree in a science and a three year post-graduate training course at the McTimoney College in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. All practitioners have demonstrated a high level of competency to pass the stringent exams required.

McTimoney Animal Practitioners are registered with the McTimoney Animal Association.

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