About; Majyk Equipe (pronounced Magic!), is the premium USA brand which is taking the UK by storm offering a superior level of protection and performance for horses in all disciplines.

Where to find them; Visit Hope Valley Saddlery and Ayr Equestrian and

Offers; There will be Badminton Special gifts with purchase promotions.

Whats on Offer at Badminton …Majyk Equipe are delighted to be launching their new “Ergonomics” range of technical saddle pads and girths. Also check out their award winning line of protective horse boots.

  • Made with proprietary designs and technology, the pads allow for multiple shim options, offer
    wither and spine relief, moisture wicking, stay cool fabrics and nonslip backing. The approach that Majyk takes to horse protection is always a little different to other companies. With a background in making human athletic wear for some of the biggest companies both in the US and the world, Majyk’s in house design team is able to utilize its longstanding partnerships to gain access to new materials and technologies usually only reserved for human athletes. “It’s time to bring the Equestrian World into the 21st Century” says Michael Sirjani (Majyk Founder). “We never use neoprene in any of our products, and only choose the latest fabrics and materials that have been proven to benefit athletic performance. The same properties are even more important for horses, where excessive heat buildup and blunt trauma can cause damage to a horse.  After several years of development and extensive testing. We are very excited to launch our technical pads”

The Technical Pad range consists of :

Shimmable Impact Half Pad – Ideal for All Purpose or Jumping Saddles

Air Mesh Impact Pad – Close Contact Shape with Front Forward Flap

Shimmable Impact Non Slip Pad – Light weight, Close Contact Shape with Forward Flap

Luxury All Purpose Pad – Performance Pad Ideal For All Purpose or Jumping Saddles


  • The Majyk Equipe Color Elite X Country Boots The Majyk Equipe Color Elite X Country Boots feature a proprietary technology called ARTi-LAGE(TM).  Artilage is a dilatant material, soft and pliable in its normal state but able to change its molecular structure upon impact. The boots have an ARTi-LAGE™ barrier in the front and a Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) shield in the back of the boot protecting the front of the canon bone from bruising and the back of the leg from potential overreach. The hind boots have a double barrier of ARTi-LAGE™and Flexible TPU shield in front of the boot, providing unsurpassed protection for the canon bone. The XC Color Elite boots feature a conical fit which will not inhibit the horse’s movement. They are constructed from a super strong but lightweight rip-stop TPU material that is permanently fused to the breathable inner mesh fabric. Inside the boot is a four-way flexion TPU shield designed to flex with the horse’s movement but form a hard barrier during impact. In addition to the flexible TPU shield, there is 2 mm of ARTi-LAGE™ directly behind the TPU shield.  

The XC Color Elite Series also feature a bio-foam interior to keep your horse’s legs clean, cool and comfortable. Due to the inherent qualities of the Bio Foam, heat build-up is prevented and air can effectively circulate the leg. This design repels water and dust while maintaining lightweight comfort and protection over all kinds of terrain. With the additional coat of Majyk’s new “Forever Clean” breathable coating to the outer shell, clean up time is cut in half as mud, dirt, and debris slide right off with a quick rinse. 

Worn by Boyd Martin, Phillip Dutton and Lauren Kieffer at the 2016 Olympics, they are firm favourites of Caroline Powell, Jonty Evans and Imogen Murray amongst many other top riders.


  • Majyk Equipe Vented Infinity Tendon Boot; These boots feature an outer shell made from German grade BASF TPU designed to withstand the rigors of riding while remaining flexible to move with a horse’s natural movement. The dual hardness outer strike guard is carefully engineered so that the raised outer core is strengthened to repel impact while the inner core is slightly softer to flex with the horse’s tendons. This allows freedom of movement and helps to protect overheating and inflexibility of the tendon, a leading cause in bowed tendons and suspensory injuries. The addition of vents lined with micro mesh filters help to keep the boot ventilated. USA brand Velcro® closures are double stitched for easy grip and durability. 

Utilizing ARTi-LAGE dilatant material, the inner strike guard presents a soft structure during normal exercise. With impact, the molecules change composition, hardening to form a protective barrier, The inner Hyperflex Rebound Foam liner offers an additional layer of Impact Protection built into the foam itself – giving this boot three levels of impact protection but still super lightweight The foam is naturally breathable but has additional perforations to help heat management. Its anti fungal and hypo allergenic properties make this the perfect choice for the sensitive horse. 


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