A look ahead of today’s exciting cross country action….

Eric Winter’s debut course for the 2017 Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials has a distinct look to it. It greatly resembles the swashbuckling tracks of the 1970’s, but with the advantage of 21st century safety technology.

Unlike many modern courses there is a deliberate lack of superfluous decoration with most fences using massive rustic timber.

Thanks to the team at EquiRatings, here are some stats ahead of today’s cross country!

Since 2010 at 4* level just 55% of combinations jump clear XC. Since 2014 this is down to 52%.

In terms of making the time 12% of combinations since 2010 have done it at this level.

Since 2014 it is just 9.9%. The influence of XC at 4* remains as high as ever.

From nine 4* runs, La B Sam has just 3 seconds on his record. This was 1 second at Kentucky and 2 seconds at Burghley (both 2015). He has been inside the time on all other occasions and never finished out of the top 5.
At Badminton: With good ground conditions we would expect 15% or higher to make time, but the clear jumping rate fluctuates a lot. From course feedback 50% clear, or perhaps lower, is foreseeable.

Chris Burton has a mixed record at Badminton, just 1 clear XC run in 4 attempts. One RF, two years with a stop, and one clear run w/2.4 time.

Ingrid Klimke has 4 4 runs at Badminton for Ingrid, 3 clear jumping and a cumulative total of 3.6 time penalties. SPEED QUEEN.

Finished 2nd twice at Badminton. Hale Bob finished 2nd in 2015 on FOD of 40.2

Butts Abraxxas 2013, clear and 2 seconds over optimum (.8 pens)

2006, clear with 2.8 time on Sleep Late to finish 2nd

Jonty Evans only 4* start for the horse was Rio: clear but 22.8 time

Here are some of the riders thoughts on the cross country……..



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