Report by Amanda Brown

Photographs Courtesy of Tim Wilkinson – Eventing Images

Lincolnshire proved the perfect event for local rider, Alex Postolowsky, to continue her strong on form performances following on from her success at Oasby. Postolowsky showed her strong cross country skills running all 7 horses clear and within the time across the terrain which caused issues for many experienced partnerships. With a win in the Novice on Akolien, the rider went on to take two second places in the Open Novice and Intermediate Novice on Diddiman and Baroque Di Vi both finishing on their dressage scores.

It was third time lucky for Alice Hallows and Ottava Rima in their third run of the 2015 season campaigning for the Pony Trials. The pair had previously run at Isleham and Oasby and were lying in third after the dressage behind Xanthe Goldsack and Time for Fenella who were on a high after their win at Oasby the previous week. Hallows maintained her dressage score throughout the show jumping and cross country phases to take the win.

The decision to save Jesmond Justice for Lincolnshire proved the correct one for Leicestershire based Mark Kyle who dominated the Intermediate sections producing a fantastic win on the 10 year old gelding by Weston Justice. Richard and Shelagh Morley’s Jemilla also took a strong second place in the Open Intermediate.

The BE100 saw Willa Newton produce a fantastic performance on Erythronium scoring a 21.5 double clear on the 9 year old mare who also took the win at Oasby the previous week. Newton also took second place on Lauries Laudatio again finishing on their dressage score of 28.

Pony Trials

1st Alice Hallows & Ottava Rima 28.5 double clear
2nd Thomas Tulloch & Access Bill 30.5 0.8 XCT
3rd Connie Warde-Aldam & Hotshots 31.8 double clear

BE100 Section A

1st John-Paul Sheffield & To Be Fair II 22.3 double clear
2nd Rosalind Canter & Pencos Crown Jewel 25.8 double clear
3rd Piggy French & Aubane Boy 23, 4 SJ

BE100 Section B

1st Piggy French & Glountane Lord Lincoln 23.6, 4 SJ
2nd Willa Newton & Lauries Laudatio 2 28 double clear
3rd Angus Smales & Esi Phoenix 28.5 double clear

BE100 Section C

1st Sophie How & HRS Great Expectations 25.5 double clear
2nd Ruth Holroyd & Monsoon III 25.8 double clear
3rd Piggy French & Jump Jet III 26.3 double clear

BE100 Open Section D

1st Willa Newton & Erythronium 21.5 double clear
2nd Isobel Lawrence & Whitney B 24.8 double clear
3rd Olivia Wells & Jerico 27.5 double clear

BE100 Section E

1st Heidi Woodhead & French Dream 25.3 double clear
2nd Tatiana Beskhmelnitskaya & Clonea King 26.3 double clear
3rd Oliver Townend & Pursuit 26.8 double clear

BE100 Open Section F

1st Clea Phillips & Ricky Roller 28.8 double clear
2nd Lauren Chaffney & Game of Luck 29.3 double clear
3rd Jeanette Brakewell & Cooley Master 27.8, 3.6 XCT

BE100 Section G

1st Paul Burgess & Carraigh Cooley 27.5 double clear
2nd Jeanette Brakewell & Orlanda Bloom 26.8, 2.4 XCT
3rd Oliver Townend & Ridire Dorcha 30.5 double clear

BE100 Open Section Z

1st Sharon Hunt & Veyga 27.8 double clear
2nd Holly Chatterton & Topflight Syanarra 31 double clear
3rd Sophie Platt & Caesar II 31.8 double clear

Novice Section H

1st Alex Postolowsky & Akolien 29 double clear

2nd Polly Chiverton & Skeheens 31.5 double clear

3rd Andrew James & Cavaliers Showdown 27.8, 4 SJ, 2 XCT

Novice Section I

1st Sam Lees & Easy Boy 32 double clear
2nd Zoe Brenan & Coldplay III 32.5 double clear
3rd Helen Bates & Cooley Mexico 34.3 double clear

Novice Section K

1st Polly Stockton & Stanhopes Mr Macoy 29.3 double clear
2nd Sarah Parkes & Roi De B Neville 35, 3.2 XCT
3rd Charlotte Agnew & Cooley Kudu 39.5, 1.6 XCT

Open Novice Section J

1st Robert Wilson & Diamond Swap 28.5 double clear
2nd Alex Postolowsky & Diddiman 30.3 double clear
3rd Rosalind Canter & Shadowstone 26.8, 4 XCT

Open Novice Section L

1st Will Rawlin & VIP Vinnie 18.5 double clear
2nd Gina Ruck & Rehy Too 24.8, 2.4 XCT
3rd Charlotte Parry-Ashcroft & Onwards and Upwards II 27.5 double clear

Open Novice Under 18 Section M

1st Richard Coney & Kananaskis 28.5, 1.2 XCT TF
2nd Bubby Upton & Vitaal 32 double clear
3rd Charlotte Dennis & DHI Hot Chip 32.5 double clear

Intermediate Novice Section T

1st Britta Esser & Escorial146 28, 4 SJ
2nd Alex Postolowsky & Baroque Di Vi 32.3 double clear
3rd Phillipa Nixon & Arctic Cruising 30.7, 4 SJ

Intermediate Section O

1st Mark Kyle & Jesmond Justice 32.3 double clear
2nd Panda Christie & Little Leo 30.2, 10.8 XCT
3rd Phil Brown & Miss Brodie 39.8, 3.6 XCT

Intermediate Section P

1st Samantha Brown & Mad About U 29.6, 10.4 XCT
2nd Lauren Shannon & Quality Purdey 25.5, 4 SJ, 1 SJT, 11.6 XCT
3rd Patricia Pytches & Ces Ballycar Chip 25.9, 17.6 XCT

Open Intermediate Section Q

1st Kitty King & Ceylor L A N 27.7, 2.8 XCT
2nd Mark Kyle & Jemilla 32.7 double clear
3rd Dee Hankey & Chequers Playboy 32.3, 0.8 XCT

Open Intermediate Section R

1st Kitty King & Persimmon 26.6, 2.4 XCT
2nd Andrew Hoy & Rutherglen 28.4, 0.8 XCT
3rd Laura Collett & Grand Manoeuvre 23.4, 6.4 XCT

Open Intermediate Under 21 Section S Sponsored by Askham Bryan

1st Bert Bolton & Purple Sands 22.7, 4 SJ
2nd Kristina Hall-Jackson & Lemington Lets Dance 24.8, 4 XCT
3rd Laura Normand & Vardigo 33.4 double clear

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