Launch of the ground-breaking Horsepal Edge solution.

The Horsepal Edge is a market-leading Internet of Things (IoT) solution for the equestrian industry and represents the next generation in the Horsepal series.

Building on the success of the original Horsepal, the Horsepal Edge enables a “connected horse,” allowing health, activity and behavior to be monitored in real time. Metrics include motion detection, movement style, sleep tracking and more. The Horsepal Edge ensures professional knowledge to optimize the wellness and performance of the horse through evaluation and management of activity, rest, sleep and environment.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the new Horsepal Edge, Horseware Ireland Founder and Executive Chairman Tom MacGuinness stated, “Having real-time data and a more holistic view of horse health and activity is something our industry has been lacking for ages. Digital transformation with 24/7 monitoring will help horse owners make more informed decisions about health, exercise and care and will ultimately lead to improved health and life of the horse. When we saw the need in the market, we decided to develop a solution from the ground up!”

The Horsepal Edge is powered by Taoglas’ EDGE Connect, a next-generation IoT hardware and software platform that provides full cellular, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities with heart rate and activity monitoring – all from an ultra low-power device. The Taoglas EDGE Connect platform also provides device management, sensor management, a full IoT security stack, power management and Data-as-a-Service out of the box and is the backbone behind the new Horsepal Edge solution.

“Being first to market with a superior IoT platform combined with our deep knowledge of the equestrian industry has allowed us to develop this unique health management solution for horses. We’re proud to lead this evolution and excited about what our continued innovation of the platform will provide in years to come,” Mr. MacGuinness continued.

Monitoring horse health, activity and behavior metrics initially proved technically challenging, and Taoglas worked with Horseware to augment and innovate technologies specifically designed to detect reliable heart rate signals through horse hair, train algorithms to work for horses and develop an ultra low-power device to allow for required battery life.

“We had to push the boundaries of power management, sensor optimization, edge computing and firmware optimization to achieve this world-class product,” said Adrian Burns, president of the IoT solutions division at Taoglas. “Horsepal Edge can continuously collect data 24/7 and has a battery life of weeks rather than days. Horseware is leading the digital transformation of the equestrian industry with the Horsepal Edge, and IoT will help owners make even more insightful decisions. We are excited to bring this solution to market together with the innovative team at Horseware.”

The Horsepal Edge’s key capabilities include:

  • Capturing data including distance travelled by the horse, time spent grazing, gait analysis, sleep tracking, time spent standing still, etc.
  • Fully operational GPS tracking for geofencing with active notifications
    An integrated heart rate monitor to assess the fitness of the horse and determine recommended activity level for optimal fitness
  • A Rug Advisor with GPS and advanced temperature algorithms to advise which rug to put on the horse, factoring in the weather forecast for the next 5 days
  • Multi-mode setup with sensor integration, including training mode, stable mode and vet mode
  • Application including horse profile with farrier contact, veterinary contact, and ability to upload images of passports and vaccination certificates
  • Cloud-based data that can be shared across devices anywhere
  • User-controlled data update frequency
  • An ergonomic shape and water-resistant casing
  • Ultimately, the Horsepal Edge is an essential tool for both the experienced equestrians who want to get real verifiable data or for the novice owner seeking peace of mind determining the right care for their pony.

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