Whilst we are all still taking in the news of Jonty Evans Eventing stable but non changing condition this week, we at Eventing Worlwide thought we would do something positive to show our support by asking all of our eventing family to please wear something green.
Starting this Saturday 30th June and throughout July.


Whether you are out competing XC or just out supporting the sport – put on something green and get into the Irish Spirit!!

The idea was suggested by EWW blogger Alice Dunsdon – Alice hopes that during the month of July, we all show our support for Jonty and go green on the course.
“We all know the eventing community is such a close family group, and when anyone has a fall or an injury we all feel it, so when it happens to one of our Sports legends we must all get together and show our support for him and his family”
“Change your hat silk, change your base layer, put a green numnah or browband on, it doesnt matter what, just ‘Wear Green for Jonty”

Please also post up pictures so his family can feel the support with the hashtag #WearGreenForJonty