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Danny Warrington

No-one can fix Eventing except the riders The following article was written by Danny Warrington for The Chronicle of the Horse in 2008. Danny is an American advanced level rider and professional trainer at Warrington Eventing near Fair Hill, USA. He rode in steeplechases for 10 years and was married to international rider Amanda Warrington, who was killed in an Eventing fall in 1997. I feel like 250,000 people are out there yelling that ... Read More

Douglas Weymouth

Strictly Come Douglas When asked on a dreary Saturday in mid-winter to drive for over two hours to interview someone at a  bleak motorway service station near Carlisle I could perhaps be forgiven for not being enthusiastic. Few people would have got me in the car, let alone to the end of my drive. However, Douglas Weymouth is one of eventing's true characters. How many people can say that they are one of Britain's top cross country course designers and builders, a well respected British Eventing ... Read More

Retraining a racehorse

Retraining an ex-racehorse to event The pit falls and plus points Every year approximately 5000 thoroughbreds leave racing because they don?t make the grade. Many of those horses can successfully be re-trained and go on to thrive in other disciplines such as polo, endurance, dressage, show jumping, and eventing. I am a big fan of re-training racehorses to event, and currently own three failed racers all at various stages of re-education.  Many top event riders have great success with ex-racers; William Fox-Pitt?s Stunning and Pippa Funnell?s Ensign are just two examples of how successful ex-racers can be as eventers. With any horse that ... Read More

Working pupil

Working your way up Working with horses can be a difficult way to make a living, with breaking into the highly competitive and costly equestrian industry as the first real challenge that many young riders face. This is perhaps one of the main reasons as to why so many choose the ?working pupil? route. Sometimes, the only way to get really good at something is to do it, and to do it a lot! Working pupil positions can act as a leg-up onto the competitive ladder of the ... Read More

Cooling legs

Cooling legs: how should it be done? Kieran O?Brien MRCVS of EqWest Equine Veterinary Clinic, Tavistock, Devon advises on the most effective ways to cool a horse's legs after the cross country. One thing can be said with certainty: none of the runners competing in the last Olympics applied a strong-smelling clay paste, brown paper and bandages to their legs after the end of the race. Yet this curious, almost medieval practice is common in eventing. What are the arguments for these post-event applications? Studies have shown that core ... Read More

Equine dentistry

The importance of equine dentistry Looking at the history of the horse there have been many changes in the equine head anatomy through evolution. Changes include going from short crown teeth to long crown teeth which erupt throughout the life of a horse. This is because they have gone from browsers to grazers due to climate change. Picture shows an overgrowth (beak) on the first 06 pre molar, and sharp points The change of diet has also changed the whole system of mastication. The teeth have adapted for the ... Read More

Eventing USA

American event rider and trainer Jeanie Clarke runs through the basics as to how the system works in the States. The Yahoos American eventers used to face national criticism for being yahoos charging around with no thought to technique, and we are currently being scolded for having made the sport too technical with not enough galloping. It?s a bit of a conundrum and my feathers are ruffled, as I think we yahoos are doing pretty well. Our sport has grown by over 36% in the last decade, we are producing better ... Read More

BYEH: where are they now?

The Burghley Young Event Horse winners: where are they now? The top four and five year old potential event horses in the country will, once again, come together at the beginning of September for the Burghley Young Event Horse Finals at one of the most spectacular events in our sporting calendar: Burghley Horse Trials. Held in the glorious setting of Burghley Park, this prestigious event has inspired generations of young riders to go on to compete at world class level. Primmore's Pride at the ... Read More

Winter XC schooling

We asked Caroline Moore, FBHS, for tips as to what EWW readers could practise through the winter in order to get ready for the 2010 season. Her suggestions were as follows: ?    Hunting. Teaches the rider how to keep the horse in balance across all types of terrain, as well as teaching the horse how to find that ?5th leg? that can be so vital. ?    We all do too much work on a surface, on flat, secure terrain. Practise riding across undulating ground, and keeping rhythm and balance. ?    Simulated XC ... Read More

How to fall

I know a lot of people will say that you don?t have time to react, but sometimes I think you do? and if you?re lucky enough to have time, these pointers can really help. What to do in the event of an imminent fall: ? Stay relaxed. ? Do not push feet home in stirrups, keep them slightly loose so that you can kick your feet out quickly if necessary. ? Open your fingers, and slip or let go of the reins. Holding them tight is the worst thing you can do ... Read More