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What it?s about?

Up Against It is a new column for 2010 where riders who have overcome a wide range of hurdles, whether relating to themselves or their horses, tell their stories. If you have a story that you would like us to feature, please send it in.

Old-school XC

This is footage from Lexington Kentucky 3-Day event, 1982. Long format CCI3*, I believe. Click here One for the traditionalists this, at least at the start, but there are some extremely thought-provoking comments by very experienced, not to say legendary, riders. Riders include: Kim Walnes on The Grey Goose, in orange colours (the eventual winner). Torrance Watkins in grey top, yellow silk. Jim Wofford in green top, black silk Mike Plumb in yellow and black. Note, no body protectors! The best bits: (I think I?ve correctly identified those interviewed and riding) Jim ... Read More

Style counsel

When you?re looking for a new car, do you examine the crash test ratings? How about the handling information? Would you buy a car with a reputation for hitting the ditch in situations where the average Volvo would barely deviate? Obviously not everyone considers such statistics of vital importance - hence the popularity of vintage sports cars! But if you were buying a car ... Read More

Wait for the fence

This article was written by Argentinian eventer and instructor, Agustin Martinez Zuviria (who posts on HHO as UncleJr). He is a retired Lt Colonel and has been a show jumping, eventing and dressage instructor since 1984, and has competed in show jumping and eventing for approximately 30 years, show jumping to 1.40m. He now trains young horses for all disciplines and has just been placed seventh with his five year old El Comandante in the horse?s first CCI* near Buenos Aires City. Many people can be helped, and many accidents can be prevented, if young riders follow the advice of experienced ... Read More

Ride a trakhener

Caroline Moore FBHS responds to a PN/Novice reader?s question: "I would like to know the best way to ride an airy trakhener which has a downhill approach... it's a personal gremlin that I have." Gosh, quite a scary fence for a pre novice. I tend to think of canter approaches in different gears (first gear to fifth gear) for different fences. For example a brush fence on the flat could be jumped almost in fifth gear (not quite, always remember to balance) whereas an upright coffin would need more ... Read More

The two-point seat

This article was prompted by a comment from a Trainer who watched a BE(80)Training event last summer, and who said that many of the riders could not ride up and down hills in balance, so were getting into serious trouble, before they even got to the fences in some cases. Team GB gold medal winner Nicola Wilson When I was a working pupil for a top rider I was made to do this a lot, and it made a huge difference to my stability and effectiveness. Work in this ... Read More

3DE debut

Making your Three Day Event debut Preparation, Packing, & Pointers This season I decided to enter my first three day event to see what all the fuss was about, and I never would have guessed you could have so much fun in a field in Milton Keynes! Preparation ? Roads and Tracks Being a young whippersnapper (by eventing standards anyway!) I have never ridden a long format event, so didn?t have a clue what to do when it came to roads and tracks, stop watches, and kilometer markers. To prepare ... Read More

Chris Bartle

Gone Fishing: Meet Chris Bartle While many people have a defining career moment, for Chris Bartle it is not so simple: dressage Olympian, Badminton winner and trainer of the double Olympic gold medal winning German event team in Hong Kong last year, he admits that he puts each achievement in a separate compartment. ?At the time of Wily Trout I remember the pride and emotion I felt at being part of the British Olympic team (Los Angeles 1984. Chris finished sixth and is still the highest ... Read More

Nat Dixon

Once in a Blue Moon The daily walk to nursery school as a three year old sowed the seed for Nat Dixon's passion to ride. "We walked past Park House Stables in Harston, Cambridgeshire every morning, and every day I asked if I could ride there. Eventually my parents gave in," Nat laughed. "Then whenever my mother went  shopping she would ask if I wanted anything, and I always said 'yes, a pony'." Wee Willie Winkie was her first. "He bucked me off the first time I sat on ... Read More