Jo Davies Sport Psychology is running two new courses designed specifically for riders this winter.

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“The Winning Mindset” is a course aimed at riders who would like to develop sport psychology knowledge and tools to enhance their performance. Through a progressive series of five unmounted small-group workshops, you will be guided through various psychology principles and practical tasks that are designed to help you develop your self-awareness, focus, self-belief, resilience, planning, reflection, and ultimately fast-track performance gains. Topics include “The challenge mindset”, “Developing inner belief”, “Getting in the zone”, and “Thriving under pressure”. Starts 11th November 2015, on Wednesday evenings, 7-9pm in Redhill, Surrey.

“Holistic Rider – Core & Confidence” is an innovative six-week course that combines both physical and mental ingredients of riding success. Lead by qualified practitioners in sport psychology and pilates, this course is tailored to riders of all levels who want to embrace a proactive and professional approach to their riding progression. Each 90-minute workshop will combine a 45-minute practical pilates class with a 45-minute interactive sport psychology session. You with be equipped with pilates exercises that will develop your riding strength, flexibility, and balance; as well as sport psychology tools that will enhance your self-belief and riding confidence. Starts 14th January 2016, on Thursday evenings, 7:15-8:45pm in Reigate, Surrey.

Both courses can be booked on Jo’s event webpage:

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