It’s getting serious now

This time next week, our blogger Laura Hayward and Stanhopes Travelling Man will be at the Mitsubishi Motors Cup final at Badminton. 

It’s all getting very serious now, as I write this we leave for Badminton one week today!

Since my last blog we have had another run at Norton Disney in the BE100. Stanley’s concentration in
the dressage was by far the best I have had it so far this season and he was rewarded with a 25.3. He show jumped really well jumping a good clear, managing to only spook at his nemesis coloured fence, a blue wall. And the cross country was great, he gave me such a lovely ride to be clear inside the time finishing third. image1

We have had another dressage tweek with trainer Jane which again was extremely beneficial. And I am having a last minute session with her tomorrow which will be a week before our test.

Stanley has been going to the gallops regularly with Sarah to try and shift an extra pound or two and we are going to go cross country schooling at the end of this week as the final preparation. Hopefully they will have a bright blue boat we can train over after Sarah found the photos of this year’s course on the Cross Country App! We have studied it numerous times already! I feel confident about most of it and I can’t wait to see the fences dressed. The water looks daunting enough and the double of corners, but I won’t get too wound up until I’ve actually seen it all in real life and looked at it from every angle to see how is best to ride it.

I actually feel very relaxed about the whole thing which I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not…. I must be having an out of body experience with it as I’m not quite sure I realise we are leaving in a matter of days now, not weeks or months anymore! I think the nerves and excitement will kick in when we actually depart on Monday morning!

Sarah has been dusting off her caravan and I will drive her lorry with Stanley on board and stay in that. We hope to have plenty of time to give Stan some work when we get there on Monday, I’m sure he will be delighted to meet all his new stable buddy’s for the few days. My dressage will be Tuesday which I’m actually quite pleased about and then Wednesday is the big day.

It’s funny because we have recently had to start planning ‘life after Badminton’ for Stan…. we have had the realisation that eventing will continue when we get home and we need to plan and enter some events for then too.

Anyway, I must go plenty to do and organise and hopefully my post Badminton blog will be a happy one. The main thing is that we all have a good time and we come home smiling.

The team at Eventing Worldwide wishes Laura and Stanley, and their connections, the best of luck. We’re looking forward to catching up with them after the competition and will be keeping you updated with their progress.

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