Isabella Mackenzie’s 2015 Event Season Round-Up


This season started off with me making the transition from my little 14hh pony to a big, old, experienced and slightly nutty (in a somewhat endearing way) horse. The transition at first was quite challenging as adjusting and learning to trust a new animal does take time. After a couple weeks of having my new 12226860_922750154447660_1351546513_nhorse Rommie I competed in my first event with him at Burgham horse trials in the ONu18. Despite Rommie being an experienced horse he doesn’t like to show his experience in the dressage arenas. So after a rather highly sprung and wired test we then commenced with the jumping which proved easier. Throughout the season we have managed to improve in the dressage arenas and slowly got used to each other.

Rommie has taught me so much this season and I have loved every minute of it. Not only did he take me round my first intermediate but he also won it for me. I had an amazing time in Ireland where I competed as part of the British u18 development squad. We completed the season with a hugely fun time at Weston in the CCIJ* where I was part of the Scottish team. Next season we hope to compete in junior trials and a CIC** but as Rommie turns 18 next year I’ll have to listen to him and his limbs but I hope he’ll be as right as rain.

Being an under18/junior rider has been so great as through the various youth programmes I have been able to receive some great training and support. Also competing in the u18 classes has meant that I have been able to compete competitively against riders of a similar age to me.



Living in Scotland (the north of Scotland) has meant that I have had to travel far and wide to not only compete but to train as well. The facilities are limited but it makes me appreciate the difficulty and expense that goes into eventing and I am forever grateful to my parents and family, sponsor

Dave 12207911_922750131114329_1200078718_nCameron and Eventing Worldwide for supporting me and help raise my profile in hope that I can gain more support to make eventing from the north of Scotland a little easier.

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