EWW introduces Isabella Mackenzie, aged 16 from Moray, Scotland; our other Junior Reporter.

I was born and raised in Scotland and I used to live in the borders until I was four when I moved to the image-2north of Scotland where I am living now.

Ever since I can remember we have had a little black Shetland called Tweedie who is still a faithful companion to the other horses. I got my first pony when I was 9. In 2010 I got Smurf, 2011 I competed in my first BE event, 2012 I moved up to BE100 and qualified for Badminton Grassroots where we finished 8th, 2013 we moved up to novice in preparation for 2014 pony trials, Which brings me to my 2014, the best year so far. I had a great time doing Pony trials and I learnt so much too. Brand Hall pony champs was the best week in the year.

Unfortunately the year was ended on a low with the news of poor Smurfs injury. However now in 2015, it’s onwards and upwards with my new ride. I am now riding a 16.1hh dutch warmblood called Rommie which is very different to my little pony.


On Rommie I have now completed 6 novices, a CIC* and an intermediate. I hope to participate in Junior trials next year. I have really enjoyed getting used to a horse and I look forward to the future.

I am excited to be writing for EWW and sharing Junior news from across the country.

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