INTRODUCING – Beryl Shuttleworth, The Herbal Horse

Beryl Shuttleworth – The Herbal Horse

We are delighted to introduce Beryl Shuttleworth to the EWW Team. Beryl will be writing some extreme and me beryl shuttleworthfascinating scientific based articles on the use of supplements in equines. Here are a few words about Beryl herself…

It’s not that easy to write about me – I far prefer writing about horses and biochemistry…… but here goes.

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa, am qualified in Biochemistry and Zoology and run a company called The Herbal Horse (& Pet). We have formulated a very innovative range of supplements, which we have recently introduced to the UK market.

Despite the fact that my mother (an ex horse rider herself) vehemently tried to force me into doing ballet instead of riding, I defiantly started riding at the age of 12 and have never not had a horse of my own since then.

My current horse is the love of my life: a little (15.3hh) dark bay OTTB with a wonky blaze. In Extreme is the world’s most neurotic, worried equine, but he has a heart the size of Africa. When I first got him, reverse gear was his favourite pace. But a couple of years later, we have discovered forward gear, learnt to box and have even attended a few small shows. My aim is to start baby eventing classes in September this year.

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