HRP Equestrian is a family business, passionate with a  love to invent, design and scientifically research  luxury products to provide solutions. They are the Inventors of the revolutionary pressure relief HRP WING® Saddle Pads & DIGITUS IV™ gloves. With a range of Wing® Saddle Pads in their collection. They are all proven to exert NO pressure on the horse behind the saddle, over the lumbar spinous processes. Two of the Saddle Pads are Beta International 2016 Winners.

Eventing Worldwide’s supported riders where incredibly lucky to try out these award winning pads, here what they had to say…

Alice Dunsdon – International 4* Event Rider

“I was lucky enough to be asked to try the award winning wing saddle pads from HRP Equestrian. I have tested the Dressage and the Jump pads on a few horses over the course of a month.
We went cross country schooling in the Jump Dual Wing saddle pads and I was extremely impressed by the saddle pads.
The jumping one didn’t move or slip in any way and really allowed my horse to move in his own unique way without hindering him. The design and shape really benefitted my horse as it didn’t leave any pressure points, for example over the whither, like some saddle pads do.”

“We put the saddle pads to the test by doing multiple heights and combinations at different speeds to see if it would move in any way. I am happy to report that it did not. I was super impressed!”

“We also tested the Dressage Dual Wing Saddle Pad. While schooling in the dressage saddle pad I really felt like the horses could use their shoulders and back without being restricted in any way. The saddle pads have a wing shape at the back of the saddle which allows the horse to move more freely and the saddle pad flexes with the horses movement. Therefore not leaving any tightness across the horses back or any pressure points like some saddle pads can.
Again I have to say I was super impressed!!
Really good job by HRP Equestrian – I can see why they are so popular and have won awards for their design!”

Harry Mutch – Under 21 Professional Event Rider

“I was really happy to be asked to trial the HRP Saddle Pads on my horses at my yard. I was asked to test out the Pro Dual Jump pad and the Mono Wing Dressage pad on my event horses.
I used the pads on 5 of my horses, which are all slightly different shapes and builds. The horses were jumped everyday in them and I also used them for all of my flatwork training.
I was wondering how one pad would fit all of my horses, but I was really surprised that it did! The pads suited my forward cut cross country saddles really well.”
“The quality of manufacture was really good. The pads had a nice quality feel to them, the same as really expensive pads, they felt quality and the soft suede feel on the inside was really nice. The pads are not bulky and I was wondering how they would offer the protection over the horses back, but they did!
I have a couple of horses that are more sensitive through their backs but when they were wearing the saddle pads they felt more comfortable to ride and they both appeared to be really happy in their work. They definitely felt more relaxed in their warm up work.
There were no rub marks on the horse’s backs or in the girth area after riding; even after a good jump session! A couple of my horses do seem to get rub marks when they are hot and sweaty so this was really pleasing to see.
Both the Dressage and the Jump pads are really smart, and I had no hesitation in wearing them at competitions as well as at home. I would definitely recommend the pads to anyone, whether for use at home or out competing, I loved them!”

Charlotte Rowe 3* Event Rider

“I was really excited to receive the HRP Saddle Pads and try them out. I have a yard of a lot of horses so I was really keen to see how they would shape up!
I had the Jump Mono Wing and the Dressage Dual Wing to test. I really gave the saddle pads a good bashing! I used them day in and day out on multiple horses and chucked them in the washing machine numerous times over the 4 week period. Each time they came out of the machine looking and feeling like new.”
“Both pads are lightweight which I like and had a luxurious feel to them. They absorbed the sweat and my horses were left comfortable and dry after each training session. Sometimes, you can get impressions left on the horses coat from the underside of saddle pads, but not with the HRP Equestrian ones, there wasn’t even a mark to see where the saddle pads had been.
The pads fitted well with my mixed array of saddles, and everyone commented on how nice they looked and I would 100% be happy wearing them out to shows and at events.
A few of the tense horses did seem to relax more in these pads, they did seem to feel like they had a better reach of forward movement, which is not something I have experienced before with saddle pads so I was pretty pleased with that.
I will keep on using both of the Dressage and Jump pads, if my horses are comfortable and feel like they are working well, then that’s good enough for me!”

Hannah Townley Grass Roots BE100 Rider

“I was not sure what to expect when I opened the package, I have never seen anything like this before, and I was totally not expecting the ‘wing’ feature.
Being a little sceptical I put the Dressage Dual Wing on and thought ‘Lets give it a go!’”
“I could certainly feel that she could move slightly more in it, she is quite a big chunky lady so sometimes we struggle to get a good feeling from her, but I did feel something, and I think she felt different too.
I had a cob sized pad, and I think for my chunky lady a full size would of been a better fit, but saying that the saddle pad was very well made and I really liked the fact that it was not thick, I am not a fan of chunk, we have enough of that already!!”
“I used the saddle pad 3 to 4 times a week in my schooling and out hacking. It was really good at staying in place even when we did some long canters out hacking. Also I was really surprised that there were no sweat patches in the usual places when I untacked.
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how much we liked the saddle pad, I am not really a fan of all this new technology and products that claim to improve your riding etc, but I actually think this is a really good product and I will happily continue using it!!”

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