How to gain extra dressage marks…7 no brainers for every rider

With the end of the season and those all-important last regional finals fast approaching improving your dressage scores is one aim many have for their closing events. With scores in the low teens now being clocked up, Dressage really does make a difference.

In their second article for EWW event rider Anna Cheyney and Dressage rider and trainer Matt Cox give you a top 7 guide to squeezing those extra marks. Some of these reminders should go without saying but anyone who has taken time out to volunteer as a dressage writer will know that they are commonplace and crop up at all levels. Worth bearing in mind before your next event?

  1. Ride your test as accurately as you can, ensure your transitions are where they should be, circles are the correct size and a good shape!
  2. Know your test inside and out, so you feel confident riding through it on the day, mistakes are costly.
  3. Practise makes perfect, run through your test at home with your trainer, discuss any aspects you feel unsure about. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!
  4. Ensure your entrance is straight, balanced and rhythmical. This will encourage a good first mark and first impression.
  5. Before the judges ring the bell, show off your horses’ best pace around the arena.
  6. Turn your horse and yourself out to the best of your ability, quarter markings and hoof oil go a long way to making a good impression. Show off your inner diva!
  7. When the bell rings, sit up straight, relax and smile! You’ve done all the hard work at home, so ride what you’ve got on the day, try to enjoy your moment and paint a harmonious picture.06

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