Hiho silver has, without a doubt one of the most impressive trade stand schedules. They have literally toured the country visiting not only events but country fairs and social occasions.

Very much part of the eventing scene, and exhibiting at Blair, Emma Warren from Hiho Silver answers a few questions about what makes the company ‘tick’, why charity matters, why they sponsor events and how to pick perfect gifts for friends and family…

Why charity is so important to Hiho 

We’re all very aware that as a business we have the opportunity to reach out to a lot of people so we’re in a good position to help out withworthy causes.  We want to give something back, but we also like to ensure that we support causes close to the hearts of our team and our customers.  So we have causes we support like Help for Heroes, Spinal Research, bibic and South West Air Ambulances, and we also donate raffle prizes for customers when we can.

For an idea of the HiHo charity collections visit:


Why Hiho sponsor events 

We sponsor events so that we can do our bit to promote and support the events we love – we can’t do all the ones we’d like to but we’ve been loyally supporting a number of events for quite a few years now.

Why Hiho love snaffles 

Wow, great question!  A snaffle is an iconic equestrian piece but it also has great shape and form and looks fab as a piece of jewellery.  This is really important to us as it allows us to celebrate our equestrian heritage in a form that appeals to all of our customer base – not just the equestrians!

How do you get inspiration for the jewellery designs you do? 

From everywhere! Sometimes it’s just a fleeting thought scribbled down on a piece of paper, sometimes we see an item that we think would make a great piece of jewellery and sometimes we research and find exactly the right piece for what we want to do.  Our new Cherry Roller Bangle (http://www.hihosilver.co.uk/silver-jewellery/exclusive-sterling-silver-and-18ct-rose-gold-plated-cherry-roller-snaffle-bangle-bangle-buy-jewellery-uk/?page=5&rt=/jewellery-collections/the-equestrian-collection/&rprice=&rstyle=&rcolour=&rshape=&rstone=&rdepartment=&rsize=&rchain=&psort=) is a good example of this – we wanted to challenge ourselves and create a totally new piece of jewellery – a new bit piece flew in as an inspiration whilst out riding, a bit of research and a lot of development  time later and voila – the cherry roller bangle was born! We launched this at Burghley and it did really, really well.

How to pick the perfect gift for mum/dad/son/daughter/pal at Christmas? 

Mum – she knows what she likes, so look at the pieces that she wears at the moment and try and pick something similar or something that will work alongside her existing pieces – like a new bracelet or pair of earrings to match something else.  However, if you do decide to get her something different, she will love it anyway because she’s your Mum!

Dad – Christmas is a great time to accessorise your Dad, so time to help him out with a new pair of cuff links or maybe the time to introduce him to a leather bracelet to add to his look.

Son – boys often won’t go out shopping themselves but like to wear pieces that are a bit different, so a  leather bracelet or sometimes a plain silver ring are a perfect way to please a son.

Daughter – again, check the colours and lengths of pieces she likes to wear already and choose something to tone in or complement these.  So maybe a pendant to hang on a long necklace, or a charm to put on a bracelet.

Pal – one of the things our customers like about Hiho is that they can find something different as a gift for their friends, so trinket boxes and photo frames are always a good choice, plus finding that perfect piece of jewellery that you know they’ll love.

To find out more about Hiho Silver and see the company’s impressive range of country and equestrian jewellery, make sure you visit the trade stand at Blair and drink in the Hiho atmosphere. Alternatively, see the website www.hihosilver.co.uk  or give the friendly team a call on 01460 221006.

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