A healthy work out regime isn’t complete without the right nutrition



Kelly Bowers …

We all know that we cannot expect our horses to perform at their best on a poor diet so why do we give our diets such little thought ? Fortunately we have the wonderful masterminds at Spillers, Redmills, Topspec, Bailiees or whichever feed manufacturer you use that we can consult with about our horses needs but who, as a rider, would you speak to?

It is advised that , for our metabolism to be working at its optimum, we should be eating 5-6 small meals a day but this is not an easy task . We probably all manage breakfast ( cringing slightly as I write this as I dread to think what some of these breakfasts consist of !) but really this is the most important meal of the day . I imagine that for most of you lunch is a non starter and that you keep on pressing though the day grabbing something quick that will give you an energy boost to help with the next 3 horses you have to ride or 5 stables you have to muck out . I have been in this situation so I know exactly what it’s like … Far tastier to have a galaxy then a hand full of carrot sticks !

I know there will be some of you reading this who are on the ball with your diet and know the importance of the correct nutrition . That is wonderful and how you are feeling with your energy levels is exactly how we are trying to get others to feel ! Riding isn’t an easy sport and you need to be physically prepared as well as mentally . Just imagine the difference in your performance if you were eating the correct foods and quantities every day ?
A few of the best foods to turn to after you’ve burned some calories are :

They’re one of the professional athletes’ go to snack and for good reason ! They contain fast acting carbs to restore glycogen levels and help rebuild damaged muscles. The miracle fruit is packed with potassium lowering the risk of high blood pressure . Quick and easy snack to have between horses !

Eggs are full of protein and help you to energise and balance your blood sugar levels . Little bit of preparation involved but cold hard boiled eggs are also a quick and easy snack and only 70 calories !

My favourite !! The omega 3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats in avocados aid muscle repair and help your body absorb vitamins A, D and E. Avocados also contain lots of anti- inflammatory phytosterols which aid in lowering cholesterol levels . Chopped and sliced the night before = quick and easy snack on the go !

So just 3 examples of a healthier alternative that are readily available and easy to get hold of …… What are you waiting for !

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