HARRY MUTCH – What a week it has been…..

 I was competing at Bramham horse trials doing my first CIC*** with Ramilo and HD Bronze. 

In the dressage both horses did nice tests. Ramilo was first to go and I’ve been working a lot running through the test with him to get him ready. And all the work paod off. He was a lot more rideable and relaxed. He is quite a show off and when he realised everybody was there to watch him he tried to do the best he could and did really well. HD Bronze did his test on Friday. He was a lot more relaxed and went to show off as well. His score was much better than I thought it would be because he is still really green at this level being his first three star test. But he did everything I ask. Ramilo scored 38.5 and HD Bronze 37.1 but I feel that they both tried really hard. 

The show jumping was interesting. Ramilo warmed up really nicely and felt super going in. He’s the sort of horse who lights up going into an arena but he went in and switched off. He hit the first fence and once he had done that he lost it and another four came down which isn’t like him at all. HD Bronze was juming an amazing round but we slipped on the last corner where you had to turn back on yourself – I took a wider turn compared the first round as it was really muddy and I wanted to keep a good canter – and he lost balance into the final line and this resulted in two fences down. It was unfortunate but he jumped really well on the whole. 

Ramilo was first to go out on cross country. We were able to get into a good rhythm and he was feeling really good. Then we arrived at fence nine – a stick pile – where we had an unfortunate fall. I couldn’t believe it. The first horse that went out had an identical fall as did somebody else later in the day. He got his leg caught in the rein and was holding it up so it looked horrendous but I could see it was just trapped. The vet thought he had cut his leg, which he hadn’t, and they bandaged it up and took him back in the horse ambulance. We got him back and he was absolutely fine. I’m lucky I have gone five years Eventing and this was my first horse fall. 

By the time we had gotten back and I had been to see the doctor it only left me 20 minutes before HD Bronze. I cantered him up and jumped a few fences and then we had to set off. It was a bit hard to prepare as he was the horse who I didn’t expect to get round on. We took him to see how he got on. I didn’t have high hopes particularly given the problems the course was causing. 

But HD Bronze started out and just got better and better. He made everything feel easy. He was absolutely amazing. We had a sticky moment at the fence I had fallen off at. I set him up a bit earlier and as I sat up he started shaking his head and wasn’t looking where he was going and buried himself into it. He nearly fell over but he was able to stay on his feet. I came to the last stretch and still had a minute left on the clock and I thought we might manage to make the time. But we went over the line dead in the time. We were one of only four combinations to make the time. 

As a result we went from 53rdafter the dressage to finish 14thout of 77 combinations. I could not have been prouder. I still can’t believe it. He couldn’t have done anything better. 

Both horses have now been worked again and feel great. Ramilo will no got to Barbary to do the CIC***. We haven’t decided whether HD Bronze will go as well but we may do just to take off a little bit of pressure. I will take them both to Burgham for the CIC*** and Hartpury for the 2* and hopefully that will qualify them for the CCI*** at Blenheim. And depending how Ramilo feels we make take him to Aske for a steady intermediate run at Aske. 

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