HARRY MUTCH – If I had to sum up May in a word, it would be “Busy!”

Now that the evenings are lighter, Im teaching a lot more which I love. I have a range of clients that I help with flatwork and jumping, so the longer evenings mean I can see more people after they have finished their working day.

At home, I have been training hard under the watchful eye of my instructors, and they have been helping me run through my tests and being that all important eye on the ground that we all need.

I take a lot of pride in ensuring that my horses are in top condition, and I also extend this strategy to myself. As riders, I think we sometimes forget to look after our own bodies, we spend all our time and money making sure the horses are fit, well and performing to their maximum ability, that we neglect ourselves in the process. Last year I sustained an injury to my leg, and since then I have been very aware of what I need to ensure that I perform to the maximum of my ability. Every 2 weeks I have a sports massage, this helps me keep supple, and keep an eye on any problem areas that need working on. This has made a huge difference to my riding, it has made me so much more aware of my body, how I sit, how I position myself, and its these small things that can make the difference in such a competitive sport.
In the lead up to Bramham International, I have started to run 5 times a week to up my own fitness. Last year I made a decision to lose some weight, as I felt that it was something in my power to do to assist my horses when going cross country. So, a healthy diet and plenty of exercise and weights made that happen and I feel so much better for it. Bramham International is a hilly track so Im being really sensible with my eating at the moment and trying to shed a few extra pounds which will just help the horses climb those hills.

My support team includes my Mum and Dad, and I really, really could not do what I do without them. Mum is the one that ensures everything runs smoothly behind the scenes, she does the paperwork and emails whilst I ride and if it was not for her we would not be where we are today, so I am forever grateful! My Dad is non horsey, however, he has this ability to mark a dressage test and be within a point or two of the judges…maybe he missed his vocation in life and he should be doing his judge training!!
Eventing is a way of life, it is not just something we do at the weekends, it involves every aspect of our lives and for me, I am just so glad that my mum and dad have chosen to share that with me. I really would be lost without them!

It was my 21st Birthday this week, but the celebrations will have to go on hold until after Bramham, hopefully I will have double celebrations afterwards!

Thanks for reading my blog, hopefully, you may have got to know me a bit better this month, it’s such a great feeling to know that we are being supported by Eventing Worldwide and I will work really hard to keep all of you posted as to our progress over the coming months.


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