Golly Goloshes Idea4I have to admit… when I first spotted Golly Galoshes on the market I wondered why on earth anyone would need to use them. Admittedly I am quite a traditionalist; all my kit is plain and decidedly functional, usually purchased from racing specialists not local tack stores. However, my interest in the product sparked by some rave reviews from one Golly’s supported riders, Victoria Bax, led me to find out exactly what Golly Galoshes were and how useful they could actually be!

Golly Galoshes are essentially waterproof, breathable leg gaiters which are designed to fit over your Golly Galoshes photo Dan Foster emailerhorses travel or exercise bandages or exercise boots. They are quick and easy to put on and take off, featuring secure hook and loop fastenings and full length zip with protective fleece lapel for security and comfort.

Golly Galoshes are machine washable and dry very quickly so are easy to keep looking smart. They come in a variety of colours and plain black, are very well made and a product that is designed and manufactured in Britain.

Orange Golly Galoshes. low res.Photo David Miller copyI tested a neon pink pair with reflective panels which were great for road work and hacking high viz. It was fun to have a departure from our usual brown and black and the neon Golly Galoshes are definitely the loudest coloured item in our tack room, bar our Whitney exercise sheets. However, after being hit by a car out hacking two years ago I am all in favour of any product that gets us seen.

Golly galoshes were initially designed as a protective layer to keep boots and bandages clean while exercising but they can also help prevent mud, sand or grit getting underneath your horses’ protective leg wear.

In the lorry Golly Galoshes are ideal for use over travel bandages, helping to keep them free from bedding and droppings and when warming-up, they win the battle against mud or dust which saves a lot of time and stress before entering the dressage arena. I found the Galoshes really useful when riding out at 5am when grass was wet and slightly muddy. Instead of drying sets of boots I simply had to rinse off the Galoshes and within 20 minutes they were more or less dry. They are a smart investment if you want to prolong the life of expensive exercise boots as you can significantly reduce the amount of time you have to wash or wipe them down.

So in sum, I was proved wrong! Golly Galoshes are not just a faddy accessory. They are useful, labour saving kit that can be used in the summer and winter months. They are also great high viz kit if you opt for the brighter colours with reflective strips. I am very sold on the product and my little horse looks great in her neon pink ‘legwarmers’… very ‘flashdance’ but also very functional!

Prices start from £25.99 per pair for Miniature Pony with sizes from mini-pony, pony, cob & horse. There is also a new longer, yet narrower length for Thoroughbred horses.
For more information visit: www.gollygaloshes.comGolly Galoshes Fan_3

Nikki Goldup

Images courtesy of David Miller

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