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Your gluteals, in case you are not sure, are your bottom muscles, and they are vital to any rider’s performance – they help you with your leg aids, and changes in position in the saddle, as well as working with your core to have a light but effective seat in the saddle.  If your glutes are weak, not only can it affect your performance, but it also can cause a range of niggles or issues around the knee, hip, back and even foot.  But fear not, there are a whole range of different ways to work your glutes, and I shall share some now –

Side lying
The best way to start working the glutes, is lying on your side, doing a range of isolated exercises, such as the clam, forward leg raises, leg circles etc.  This is because we have isolated the glutes, making it hard to use other muscles instead.  If your glutes are weak, and have a habit of not firing up when needed, they can be a bit cheeky and bossy and make other muscles do the work instead, so always start isolating them so you can teach them to get off their butt (excuse the pun) and start doing their job.  The simple rules with this range of exercises are – core on, and the rest of the body still.  If you feel the glutes working, it’s working, but if you feel other muscles working, then the glutes are being lazy again

4 Point Kneeling
Once you have got the glutes fired up, and working, another great exercise to introduce is kneeling on all fours and moving one of your legs about – lifting to the side, extending the leg diagonally etc.  This is very useful as it requires you to use your core, and stabilise your pelvis to make sure you are activating your glutes.  Simple tips to make sure this exercise is being done correctly – core on and keep the back in neutral, and think about the leg movements being controlled by the glutes, rather than the foot

Now you have perfected the others, and the glutes have got the motivation and strength to get a bit more involved, lunges are a great exercise to help straighten them further, when done correctly.  You can do a whole range from walking, backwards, sideways, curtseys, etc.  The lunge is a great exercise for riders as it helps develop your stability and control around the hips, helping to even out any asymmetries you may have between the left and right sides of the body.  Simple tips for lunging are – knee behind toe on the front leg, weight always on the front leg, and bend from the hip rather than just using the quadriceps

Finally the beast is added – the squat.  Squats are a fantastic exercise for riders as they help develop pelvic control and movement, but I have saved them to last, as weak glutes are very lazy during squats, and squat technique is quite hard to get right for some people.  Here is a little video on how to squat.  Once you have mastered the basic squat you can jazz them up a little – single leg squats, low squats, sit down squats, side moving squats etc.  But always remember, move from the hip, weight through the whole of the foot, and think about using the glutes to stand up and lift the hips up

If you would like more help strengthening your glutes and learning some new exercises to help develop your riding, email us and we can chat about what areas you want to work on, how much time you have and help you decide which of our products will benefit you the most.

Best Wishes
Carys Jackson

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