Give your horse their shiniest coat ever this season with the patented range of HAAS grooming brushes

Give your horse their shiniest coat ever this season with the patented range of HAAS grooming brushes, which will leave your horse with a glossy, healthy and clean coat.

HAAS has specialised in the development and manufacture of horse grooming brushes since 1919 and their motto ‘bespoke care’ is shown throughout their whole manufacturing process right from selection of materials to final inspection.

What makes HAAS brushes so great?
They are designed with ease of use in mind – all of their products are washable providing better hygiene, comfortable to handle and water resistant.
They are manufactured with precision – the hand loop and bristles are directly incorporated with the body. There are no nails, spikes or screws and no glue so nothing can fall apart or become loose. This combination of specially selected bristles and modern production technology ensures the quality and longevity of HAAS products, which are manufactured in Germany.

For durable, long-lasting grooming brushes that make your horse glossier than ever – HAAS should be your first choice.

The most popular brushes include:

HAAS Cavaliere brush – Created with everyday grooming in mind. This brush has densely packed bristles in the middle with longer bristles on the outside that help loosen mud from the coat.

HAAS ‘Schimmel’ – A grey horse owner’s best friend! Strong coconut fibres are ideal for removing tough stains and mud on white coats, legs or patches.

HAAS Diva Exklusiv brush – A super soft lambswool centre with a soft horse hair border that picks up the last of the dust for a perfect gloss finish.

HAAS Parcour brush – A wooden backed brush with a mix of grey and black horse hair for a super cleaning effect.

HAAS Lippizaner brush – A horse hair mix of bristles for gentle cleaning and dust removal.

HAAS Military Brush – Strong horsehair mixture used; shorter bristles in the centre surrounded by longer bristles to get into the coat and flick out dirt and dust. Leather hand strap.

HAAS Coat Gloss brush (Fellglanzburste) – A soft light and thickly woven horse hair brush ideal for sensitive horses and areas.

HAAS ‘Fellglanz’ Soft Horsehair Brush – Brush with white soft horse hair, leather strap, for extra shiny results. Excellent for horses with shorter coats.

HAAS ”New Generation” Adult Curry-Comb, made of very soft special plastic for a good massaging effect.

Here are our suggested combinations for different colours:

For Grey Horses:

HAAS ‘Schimmel’
HAAS Lippizaner
HAAS ‘Fellglanz’
HAAS ”New Generation”

For Chestnut and Light Bay

HAAS Military Brush
HAAS Coat Gloss brush (Fellglanzburste)
HAAS ”New Generation”

For Dark Bay and Black

HAAS Diva Exklusiv brush
HAAS Parcour brush
HAAS Cavaliere brush
HAAS ”New Generation”
HAAS Diamond gloss brush

For Horses that Live Out

HAAS ”New Generation”
HAAS brush for intensive grooming
HAAS Damiro brush
HAAS “Igel-Striegel”
HAAS Military Brush

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