FLAIR® Strips – The perfect gift for event riders

Developed by veterinarians, FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strips are drug-free, self-adhesive nasal strips that promote optimum health of equine athletes, in all disciplines and every level of competition. Event riders at all levels use FLAIR Strips.

Their spring-like action supports the soft tissues over the nasal passages to reduce airway resistance and improve airflow when your horse needs oxygen most. The Strips are clinically proven to make breathing easier, resulting in reduced fatigue (so horses can work longer, and harder), conserved energy (horses wearing FLAIR Strips have been shown to use 5-6% less energy during intensive exercise), quicker recovery and reduced stress on the fragile pulmonary blood vessels in the lungs that can rupture during exercise (EIPH).

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FLAIR Strips are the perfect gift for any event rider and are available to buy online. The classic range is available in Black, White, Pink and Turquoise. For those who want something truly different, you can design your own FLAIR Strip. Simply complete the online form and start to process of a custom design.


Whilst FLAIR Strips are easy to apply and remove, here are some top tips for application:

· Store FLAIR Strips at room temperature: Strips that are exposed to extreme heat or cold may damage the medical-grade adhesive and not adhere properly. If it’s chilly outside and a FLAIR Strip will be used, we recommend placing the Strip inside your jacket for 5-10 minutes before applying to allow the Strip to warm up to at least room temperature.

· For best results, apply FLAIR Strips at least 30 minutes prior to any activity.

· Apply Strips to a clean, dry nose: Use a clean, dry cloth or paper towel to remove dirt and oil prior to applying. DO NOT use water or gels on the application area.

· DO NOT shave the horse’s nose prior to applying: FLAIR Strips have a unique adhesive that is designed to  adhere to the horse’s hair.

· Before applying, bend the tabbed edges to form a crease: Forming a crease on the tabbed edges of the Strip help the tabs stick to the horse’s nose more securely.

· Apply FLAIR Strips two finger widths above the horse’s nostrils: This placement provides optimal support for the soft tissue of the nasal passage.

· DO NOT remove by pulling up or down: Peel gently, but firmly from the top corner toward the middle. Adhesive may cause slight loss of hair, as experienced with normal shedding.

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