Farley HallFarley Hall Horse Trials is gearing up for a jam-packed two days of competition on 20th-21st June 2015. Based on 400 acres of historic parkland on Farley Estate in Berkshire, the team has worked tirelessly to ensure the event will provide a high quality event for a second year running.

The popular event has been able to secure a host of sponsors, meaning enhanced prize money on Novice day (Saturday 20th).  The Intermediate Novice class winner will be awarded £250, and the top three places in all normal Novice sections will receive £175, £125 and £90.  There is also an Amateur Novice section with prize money of £275, £130, £100.  All BE100 sections will have sponsored prizes in many cases with double the minimum values set by BE.  This has seen a great response to entries, the Intermediate Novice is nearly full and there is space currently left in all other classes.


Sponsors include Farley Hall Equestrian Centre, Same Stride, Louise Weir, Nationwide ITC, The Spotty Dog Company, David Cliff Estate Agents, Warren Lamperd, Red Horse Products, Horses in Sport, Spidge Photography, Sport Horse Supplies, Chiltern Equine and numerous local businesses who are sponsoring cross country fences.  Competitors are urged to keep an eye out for sponsorship updates on the Farley Hall Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/farleyhallhorsetrials?fref=ts

‘We could not run the event without support from over forty businesses sponsoring our prize money and cross country course.  It would be impossible to thank them all individually but their support is much appreciated. Through their support we have been able to offer enhanced prize money this year.  Farley is something of a unique event in that every member of the organising committee is out currently competing at different levels from BE80 to Advanced, so we really hope that we offer a friendly but high quality environment for amateurs and professionals alike.’ Said Natalie Gaibani, Organiser.Edmonds fence1

Located on the stunning Farley Estate the organising team are ensuring that the picturesque course is in prime condition for the event. The mowers have been out twice weekly providing a thick grass base to cope with whatever the weather may do. The show jumping and dressage areas have been fenced off from livestock since the beginning of April and have beautiful, thick grass cover.  Farley estate1

‘All areas will be aerovated if necessary but at present this is unlikely conditions are superb. The cross country course is known for being big and bold but has some kinder ground-lines planned for the ditch fences and a softer approach to the BE100 water.  With the perfect weather conditions this year we are not expecting the cross country to cause the same kind of trouble as last year when the whole country was under water all spring. Andrew Hunter our course designer has done a superb job for us’ said Natalie.Swallowfield bridge




Entries for Farey Hall will be open until 10th June on www.bdwp.co.uk/far

For live updates follow Farley Hall on Twitter @FarleyHallHT

Further details about the event are available from: www.farleyhallhorsetrials.co.uk

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