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As the eventing season ends, most yards have their very well earned quiet period with most competition horses on holiday. However at PFB, ‘quiet period’ is certainly not the phrase we would use to describe it!! Weaning is very much upon us, and although we can’t complain too much so far, as it has gone as smoothly as can be expected, it is still not what we would call quiet! So far we have weaned two mares and foals, and have two left to do in the coming weeks. In both cases so far, the mare has had a few days in a stable to settle, before being turned back out with other mares and youngsters. Lucky for us they have been very quick to settle and happily grazing back out in a different field within about a week of the initial weaning. Fingers crossed the final two mares are as settled! Both foals on the other hand, have had not a care in the world, and have carried on playing with the other foals as if their mother was never there! A huge relief for us.Dizzy and Quinty

In other foal news, they’ve all just had their first vaccination, which was done at the same time as their microchips. We were in a slight predicament in that with weaning going on, bringing each foal in to a stable to have these done was likely to cause quite a stir with both mares, foals and the other horses that we have in, so we decided we would give it a go in the field. This could have gone either way, but much to our vet Millie’s relief all vaccinations, microchips and sketches were done in a matter of minutes, all foals standing very well for her. Our biggest problem was keeping the other foals away from Millie’s equipment which they were all extremely interested in! Luckily all equipment remained intact thanks to some serious multitasking from us! The foals are really developing individual characters which is great to see.

As for the other horses, little Dizzy who at 2 years old, recently had major complex colic surgery, seems to be recovering very well. We are 1 month post-surgery now which is great news, and we are able to slowly increase Dizzy’s feed, and she has started going on the horse walker for a short time each day. We are trying lots of new things to entertain her as she is getting a little bored with the routine now, which is also good to see as she is clearly feeling a lot better! She has taken to kicking the door and neighing continuously at feed times, which is both annoying for us and nice at the same time as it’s great that she is back to her old bright self! Fingers crossed she continues to recover as well as she has so far.

Folie and Victor

On the eventing side of the house, all is relatively quiet. We currently have 3 horses in work, which will slowly increase over the coming weeks. We have some exciting news too, in that we have been lucky enough to secure Holly Woodhead as our rider going forward. Holly has had a tremendous season, winning Bramham CCI*** under 25 section, and being selected to ride on the senior GB squad at the Europeans at Blair Castle on her 11 year old gelding DHI Lupison. Holly is based just down the road from our yard, and has already started riding the horses we have in work, getting to know them ready for the upcoming season.

We would like to thank Zoe Wilkinson for her excellent work producing the PFB youngsters for the past 5Parkfield Exclusive @ Barbury years. Her results with Parkfield Quintessential are testament to the partnership they built together from Quinty’s 2nd year.  We wish her luck as she starts out on her own on the back of an excellent year competing her own and the PFB horses.

The 2016 season will creep up on us faster than we think so we are brushing up on our showjumping and dressage over the coming months! Watch this space!

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