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Welcome to the ups and downs, highs and lows of a young event rider making her way to the top of her profession, running a busy event yard in Devon.

Charlotte Rowe Eventing – a 25 year old up and coming professional event rider shares how it all began in her first blog for Eventing Worldwide……..

It all began when I was 2 years old when I was so desperate to get my own pony.Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 21.20.17

It started with a lovely Welsh Section C called Lucy….

From then on my addiction of horses just grew and grew.. I enjoyed many successful early years in the Mid Devon Pony club, competing in every competition I could. We went to many champs and competing became something I just new I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Through my teen years I rode anything I could just to spend hours in the saddle and to avoid school at all costs.It became very clear to my parents that when I turned 16 years old there was a one way for me, and that was into the horse industry.

So at 16 I left school and started my first job as head girl in a Showjumping yard. It was hard going but it taught me the real groundings of the horse world. The highs, lows, excitement but most of all the hard work!!

But through all this I new I loved it. So that was it I was hooked!

After a couple years there I started to gain a few horses of my own ride and event alongside my own horse, and thats when things started to fall into place.

I owe an awful lot to Matthew Hall, who gave me such opportunities and training, he runs a fantastic yard near Okehampton, and it was him that kicked started all this off for me.

When I turned 20 I had a offer of riding a couple other horses and I jumped at the opportunity and took the plunge. I looked around for some stables and began renting, but I desperately wanted my own yard. I started with 5 horses. It was hard but it was a dream come true. I had to go it alone because I couldn’t afford to employ anyone. I worked every hour I could and rode anything on offer. After 5 years of blood sweat, tears a lot of falls and sheer determination, I can say I am on the way to achieve my dream.

I have super team of horses, owners, staff and a very bright future! We currently have a team of 14 horses, 3 staff and the best bunch of owners anyone could I ask for. Along side the eventing I have also become very involved in Point to Point, it’s my second love to eventing. We train two super pointers that this year took us to Cheltenham.

It’s been a dream Ive had from a child, I have followed that dream, worked seriously hard for it and continue to do so until I get to the top.

I hope you enjoy following myself, the horses, the team and of course my wonderful owners on our journey…..

Charlotte xx

In my next blog I will introduce you to the horses

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