Eventing Worldwide is delighted to introduce Caunton Manor Stud…

Eventing Worldwide is delighted to introduce Caunton Manor Stud, a fabulous collaboration, which we hope will bring interesting, informative and exciting insight into this amazing Stud and all it has to offer.

It all started for Caunton Manor many years ago when their primary focus was to source the best mares in Eventing to use for embryo transfer or as broodmares with some of the worlds best stallions. The mare is almost more important than the stallion in breeding, so pairing with a great stallion massively increases your chances for breeding success. The passion they have as a family then expanded into the disciplines of dressage and jumping, which again led to the sourcing the appropriate mares.

Victoria Wright tells us what their hopes and plans are for the coming season, its going to be very exciting  ..

“Over the past couple of years with the young Caunton horses coming through, who we hope will shine in the young horses classes this year, we also started to focus our attention on stallions. It is important for us to have different lines coming into the UK from Europe to be a real asset for British breeders and to make chilled semen more easily accessible with a fast and efficient service. The other important factor with all of our stallions is that they prove themselves and have a competition record so it is easy for breeders to keep track of what they are doing and also more importantly come from a proven dam line. We want to encourage breeders in the UK using our stallions to also participate in the Futurity series and to have the offspring graded by British studbooks and to really take pride in breeding.

Also new for 2020 for us is the introduction of our new interactive Caunton Manor Stud app that we hope will make Stud cards much easier to keep hold of and to provide a faster service for our clients. This also gives them the chance to share with us photos and videos of our stallions offspring and allows us to answer their questions more rapidly. This is a new concept so we’re hoping it is an eco friendly and efficient way of taking breeding into the digital age.

We feel very proud to be sponsoring the British Eventing Young Horse Championships again this year and their are some very exciting plans for October that we can’t wait to share with you all. We hope that this monthly breeding column will be educational for breeders and also for first time breeders who are considering putting their mare in foal. We will share some expert advice from our friends at Oakham Veterinary Hospital and also provide some tips from some of the most renowned breeding experts in the hope to educate, inspire and acknowledge why the future of British breeding is so important.”

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