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WILL RAWLIN – Summer Recess

Regrouping and Nunney International. June and July have been very quiet as far as competitions are concerned. June was very much a quiet month spent replanning and mid season tidy up in the yard and also the fields which looked great to start but now look brown and when the horses go out they all seem to enjoy having a dust bath in the gate ways!!! We went to Nunney with V.I.P Vino who did well in dressage and sj - the sj was particularly pleasing as it is the most consistent he has been yet and we were lying 5th going ... Read More

THE BE VOLUNTEER – Champagne bubbles, soft cake and a chance to get the new wellies wet

Onwards rolls the volunteer journey and this week Monteberry (still wearing his #WearGreenForJonty ribbon) and I headed down the M5 to Gatcombe for The Festival of British Eventing. One of my favourite events, the Festival is everything that there is to love about volunteering. To be in such beautiful parkland without Eventing you wouldn’t get to roam; fabulous gracious hosts that have a genuine love of the sport and wonderful hospitality before, during and after. Thursday’s briefing is always a treat – this year we were in the hospitality marquee – a touch hot in ... Read More

BE VOLUNTEER – Return to the ring

  Well it’s been a while since I last shared my volunteering adventures, so I shall bring you up to speed. Way back in May; before this beautiful run of sunshine, ice creams and aftersun lotion; before we all forgot what rain looked and felt like! Monteberry and I popped along to Shelford, always a pleasure as it’s a BEDE event and the Buntine’s hospitality is always legendary. So legendary in fact that I had a call from Anna the night before, she found herself with more volunteers than she knew what to do with, so would I mind heading to show ... Read More


So the week had come where everyone in the equine world faces Gloucestershire. Badminton!!!! Grooms and riders always feel the pressure leading up to this event and this year was no different due to the lack of runs. I was grooming at Giovanni and Kathryns again and they had one horse ‘Cult Rewind’ heading there, unfortunately as mentioned last month Kathryn lost her top horse who was due to compete. The stress levels were all low until ‘Hero’ pulled a shoe the Tuesday morning!!!Gio and Sophie were meant to be leaving in the afternoon!! Luckily they have a great farrier ... Read More


Laura Phipps..   It was Einstein who said "in the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity". This is certainly apt for Jo Marsh. Jo's story is a seismic tale of triumph over adversity and I am lucky enough to be the story teller for you all.  Listening to Jo, it instantly struck me that her modus operandi is passion and hard work. She is pugnacious and hardy when her game head is on, but she is also a warmblooded human being whose heartfelt interview was a breath of fresh air. Success will ... Read More

ROO FOX – Barroca and Back

If you read my blog around this time last year, you will note that I said I would never, never go on the sunshine tour again. It is late Jan, early Feb and it is damp, grisly and boring. Follow this with a nice email -or two, lovely to see you, hope you are coming and of course the bags are packed and we depart. Well, we tried to leave but the lorry was having other ideas and after four hours waiting for a repair man, currently still lost in the mists of ... Read More


Hi let me introduce myself……..I’m Debbie - a freelance competition groom. I’ve been a freelance since 2014, but before that I was head girl for Izzy Taylor and worked for Andrew Nicholson and Chris King. I’ve been a groom for 13 years and done everything from yard work to grooming at Badminton and the European Championships. Please join me monthly on my journeys and antics as I give you an insight into what a competition groom gets up to. I will hopefully give you an idea of how hard top grooms work and also ... Read More


The month of May seemed to have been one competition after the other. Still all the regular horse maintenance programs in place, farrier, osteopathy and saddle fitting. The month started with Badminton Cross Country day.  Mum and I managed to start early in the morning so we were just finished in time to sit down for the rest of the day to watch a very exciting day of Badminton xc on the telly. It was very interesting watching as it looked as though the course had been dumbed down a little in places since last year, but actually it was a very ... Read More

CHARLOTTE ROWE – May has been a really exciting month with the addition of a new horse on the yard

May has been a really exciting month with the addition of a new horse on the yard. Redbarn Lux Ury Biscuit aka Biscuit. Biscuit is owned by Eventing Worldwide so its a pleasure to have him on the yard and have the opportunity to compete him.   There is always much excitement when an owner decides to purchase a new horse. Its a relationship that has to work for both parties, the owner has to feel something for the horse and I as the rider, have to get a certain feeling when I ride and train ... Read More

Nolan retires horse of a lifetime from international competition 

Sarah Carless.. Irish event rider Alan Nolan has announced he is retiring his horse of a lifetime from international competition.  Bronze Flight, who is owned by Carole Warren, has been ridden by Nolan, who is an amateur rider who has made it to top level competition, for the past ten years. Together the pair have competed at seven Four Star competitions; Pau (2014), Burghley (2015, 2016, 2017), Luhmuhlen (2016, 2017) and Badminton (2018), completing on six occasions with four clear rounds across country to their name at this level, as well as numerous other international events.  Read More