Eventing Ireland and Equiratings drive for safety

Eventing Ireland has announced a partnership with EquiRatings to monitor cross country performance and promote a responsible attitude towards campaigning an event horse.

Eventing Ireland

EquiRatings, the advanced eventing analytics Company owned by international event rider Sam Watson and lawyer Diarmuid Byrne, has created a form tracking system called the EquiRatings Quality Index (ERQI). It has analysed more than 150,000 results worldwide across all levels of competition. The output shows a strong correlation between a low ERQI and the likelihood of a horse incurring penalties, elimination and falls in the cross country phase.

Eventing Ireland will be the first national federation in the world to use its own results data more intelligently to monitor cross country performance. Riders will be able to monitor their quality index via the Eventing Ireland online colour coding system which is designed to promote a responsible attitude towards campaigning an event horse.

The EQRI system will highlight combinations that are showing signs of being uncomfortable at a particular level. If combinations exhibit a prolonged period of poor form then the system may restrict participation in instances where the rider has not taken necessary precautions themselves.

For the first year, riders will see a traffic light system in operation when they enter an event:


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 19.01.59
If, in the rare instance, a rider at EI90 level has a red ERQI, they will be asked to have training by an approved trainer and be assessed before competing again. Rider downgrading is not new to Eventing Ireland however by using EquiRatings, this process is now automated and will highlight more quickly combinations that are having problems.

Eventing Ireland is aware that other factors may affect a combinations performance so will also be recording length of track, weather and ground conditions at the start of each cross country class.
Georgia Stubington, Eventing Ireland Chairman said of this ground-breaking innovation “This is the most exciting project I have worked on in my time as Chairman of EI.  I think this takes Eventing Ireland into the top leagues of National Governing Bodies who have been using data analysis to promote high performance for some time. I think that aspect of our work with EquiRatings will come in the future but now we are concentrating on safety. Eventing is a risk sport and we will never eliminate all risk but this is a huge step forward into today’s digital world.  I am so proud that this system has been devised and developed by Sam Watson, a member of Eventing Ireland and Diarmuid Byrne, young entrepreneurs of the highest rank.“

Diarmuid Byrne of EquiRatings commented “Eventing presents many unique challenges as a sport and as the first data analytics company in the sport, we are finding a new way of managing and monitoring a number of these challenges using data and data mining. Governing bodies carefully record vast amounts of data and our analysis, advanced software system and eventing intuition is transforming that data into information and insight. The ERQI system has received huge recognition worldwide and it is a credit to Eventing Ireland that have paved the way by becoming the first organisation to incorporate this safety tool so efficiently. Their website and content management system is already the envy of many governing bodies, and now it has progressed even further. This sport has to acknowledge, assess and ultimately manage its risk. Horse welfare has to be at the forefront of all decision making. The ERQI has revolutionised how these key issues are managed and monitored.”


Pictured L-R:  Sam Watson (EquiRatings),Diarmuid Byrne (EquiRatings), Georgia Stubington (Vice Chairman EventingIreland), Alison Packman (Administration Manager Eventing Ireland), DavidO’Meara (Chairman Eventing Ireland).  Photo courtesy of Bit-Media

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