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In the first of our Healthy Habits series, we talk to Health Coach Lauren Barber to get her thoughts on how correct nutrition can make a difference to rider performance… How much time do you spend thinking about achieving the perfect balance of nutrients in your horse’s diet? Most riders spend hours agonising over balancers, supplements and the right levels of forage to feed. Without this attention to detail we can’t expect our horses to perform to their best. So with this great understanding of equine nutrition, you would expect riders ... Read More

KATY STOKES – Personal Trainer & Intrinsic Biomechanics Trainer

In her first article for EWW personal trainer Katy Stokes discusses the impact of fatigue for the rider.  Fatigue decreases both mental and physical performance. There is no escaping the fact that eventing is a dangerous and high risk sport. A study found that 74.05% of participants stated the main risk factor for a horse fall is rider error (Cameron, Whytock.H.A & Brigden 2008). Now I am not saying that all we have to do is get all riders super fit to prevent the fatalities that occur but riders must take responsibility for their fitness and recognise that just riding is not ... Read More

Music and lyrics in eventing: What’s on your playlist?

I can’t believe that over a month has passed since Badminton Horse Trials! I always love the spring trip to Gloucestershire for one of the pinnacles of the eventing year. This year’s event did not disappoint, by way of both a British win and the bags of shopping I returned home with! One of my favourite things to do on cross-country day is to spend some time by the warm-up area. It’s relatively quiet there, and you can get a great up-close insight into how the riders work in and get prepped before setting out on course. From a psychological perspective, ... Read More


Here’s a challenge: Take a moment to list your strengths. Put another way, what attributes help you to achieve your riding goals? What skills or qualities make you competitive? You may have been able to identify some character strengths that describe you as a person, e.g., 100% dedicated, excellent organiser; or riding specific strengths, e.g., secure lower leg; ability to maintain an excellent cross-country rhythm; precision in test riding. Either way, if you found this challenge tricky, you won’t be alone. Many of us struggle to list our strengths (imagine if you had been asked to list your weaknesses; would your list be ... Read More


The ‘Hows’ that make your own “good luck” It’s that time of year when January blues are moving aside for riders to get excited for the eventing season to start. Across the UK, BE fixture lists are being furiously scrutinised with marker pens and diaries, and priorities are being questioned..... “Jessica and Mark’s wedding? Hmm…clashes with the CIC*…. Well, we don’t know them that well do we? If I ask for early times we could get to the evening do…” Only last week, a friend sent me an excel spreadsheet with ... Read More