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With the eventing season drawn to a close I find it interesting to compare the differences between horses and their jockeys . Most horses are super fit and looking amazing after a busy season , shiny eyes , glossy costs and muscled up . The riders however ( some, not all ) are beginning to look tired , weary and ready for a quieter winter . It's not surprising really ..... early morning starts , multiple horses to ride everyday and the relentless task of eventing several horses potentially week in , week ... Read More

A healthy work out regime isn’t complete without the right nutrition

  Kelly Bowers … We all know that we cannot expect our horses to perform at their best on a poor diet so why do we give our diets such little thought ? Fortunately we have the wonderful masterminds at Spillers, Redmills, Topspec, Bailiees or whichever feed manufacturer you use that we can consult with about our horses needs but who, as a rider, would you speak to? It is advised that , for our metabolism to be working at its optimum, we should be eating 5-6 small meals a day but this ... Read More


Your gluteals, in case you are not sure, are your bottom muscles, and they are vital to any rider’s performance - they help you with your leg aids, and changes in position in the saddle, as well as working with your core to have a light but effective seat in the saddle.  If your glutes are weak, not only can it affect your performance, but it also can cause a range of niggles or issues around the knee, hip, back and even foot.  But fear not, there are a whole ... Read More

Riding Hat Safety with VioVet

With much talk in the press recently about hat safety standards we are here to dispel the myths around the EN1384 standard. EN1384 standard hats ARE still a perfectly safe hat to use and protect you. If you do not compete in any competitions and your hat meets the EN1384 standard you do not need to purchase a new hat with the PAS015 or SNELL standard. This is because you do not have to comply with competition rules so will not be affected by any changes by riding organisations. EN1384 hats will ... Read More

EWW welcomes the Rider Nutrition Project promoting health and well being for riders around the world…

Kelly Bowers ... It's 4.30am and you're on the way to an event .. You've so far managed a quick coffee and half a packet of Jaffa cakes whilst getting multiple horses plaited and on the Lorry . You're tired but the excitement of the day ahead is getting your blood pumping .. Before you know it you'll have walked both courses got on, got off, got on, got off , got on, got off ( possibly a few more times as well ) and then you've finished . ... Read More

Your horse, your eventing, your enjoyment. So why do we care what other people think?

A hot topic that has come up in my workshops recently is: “Why do I care what other people think?” and “How can I stop worrying about people watching me ride?”. These are great questions, and we can probably all relate to them in one way or another. Maybe having a certain individual watching you school just seems to ‘put you off’ (and on that note, why is it that when this person watches, things always seem to be going a bit pear-shaped?!). Perhaps riding into a show-jumping arena surrounded ... Read More

Why Is A Strong Core So Vital For Riders?

Since I started in the fitness industry over 10 years ago, combining fitness and riding, it is really interesting to see how much has changed - riders are so much more aware of their core; there are pilates courses designed for riders and there is even specially designed equipment for riders to work their core. But why is your core so important for riding? Firstly, we must understand what makes up the core. A simple way to describe it is [emember_protected custom_msg='This content is only available to Members, to read ... Read More


Following on from my previous blog on where to start your winter training, you should now have a clear understanding of what areas you need to focus on.  However, where do you now start?  Whenever I am building a training plan for the winter, we always start with the basics.  If the basics aren’t good enough, we should not be progressing them on to more advanced and performance enhancing exercises.  Doing so would only lead to a higher risk of injury, and also incorrect technique, which would reduce their performance ... Read More


Winter is a great time to focus on yourself.  "Why?" I hear you say.  Simple.  Normally there are fewer competitions, so it frees up a little time to do some exercise.  The days are shorter, with longer periods of darkness, so less time to ride, and hopefully a little more time to improve your riding with work off the horse.  Finally, it is a great time to make changes without worrying about what effect it is going to have on the body and your performance.  During the ... Read More


Recover, review, and reset! That’s it! The eventing season is over. Here comes winter; riding by floodlight, cold toes, mud, endless clipping and spending twice as long rugging up… But, it’s not all doom and gloom. Some riders will be giving their horses an easy few weeks and taking a well-deserved break. And, during this recovery time, the keen ones will be straight onto perusing the winter schedules of indoor eventing, equestrian balls and festive parties (did someone say sloe gin?), and training, training, training. But set aside before the winter competition campaign starts is hopefully some time to review. Now is ... Read More