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Chiropractic perspective to treating horse riders….

My name is Antonia Oakes and I am a fully qualified Human and Veterinary Chiropractor based in Cheshire. I am currently working with many top international athletes from different sports, however, after being brought up around horses and spent a childhood competing, I have grown a par­tic­u­lar inter­est in treat­ing both riders and horses. This article will focus on a chiropractic perspective to treating horse riders. Common injuries and muscle imbalances I’m often asked what the most common injuries are that riders present with, and the truth is it can vary week to week, but I am finding a lot of riders ... Read More

RIDER FITNESS with GEORGIA DIXON – How to loosen up your hips and beat those tight flexor muscles

How much attention do you pay to your hips? And no, I don’t mean when you are shaking them down at the local to Shakira. Your hips play a very important role when you are riding, particularly in dressage and the sitting trot. Your hip flexors are the group of muscles at the top of your thigh and they connect your upper leg to your hip. Hip flexors can become particularly tight and can really hinder your mobility, making it very difficult for you as a rider to keep an independent seat and therefore, making it difficult to ride the trot ... Read More

WILL RAWLIN – Small adjustments make a big difference

It’s great to see more and more equestrian people seeing themselves as athletes and this is particularly noticeable in the professional and semi professional riders. it is important that all riders look after themselves as well as they look after their horses!!! The difference in eventing of winning or being further down the order can be so minute that small adjustments and slight lifestyle changes can make all the difference. This season I have been using High5 products to ensure that I am hydrated, have energy to keep performing and recover well. These products have made a lot of difference to ... Read More

THE SPORTING MINDSET – How to cope with nerves

Nerves or competitive anxiety is something that you will probably have experienced at some time during your riding career. It is defined as; negatively interpreted arousal - an emotional state characterised by worry, feelings of apprehension and bodily tension that tend to occur in the absence of real or obvious danger. The symptoms are individual to each rider but can generally be characterised as (1) cognitive symptoms - relating to thought processes such as fear of failure, loss of confidence, negative self-talk and poor concentration; (2) somatic symptoms - including muscular tension, sweating, ... Read More

Mechanical Millie

Lindy Wale Certified Practioner..... Mechanical Millie as she is known is the only fully portable machine of her kind travelling the UK but why is she special?  Millie is special as she helps me to help you.  I thrive on helping individuals smash through all the obstacles and coming out the other side physically and mentally. The harder the battle the more I love to fight with you to prove against all odds it’s possible. This Is why I brought Millie.   I was already teaching people to ride  and working with quirky horses however as winter hit and I was still a ... Read More

THE PELVIC TILT – Rider Fitness with Georgia Dixon

Many riders suffer with back pain, with the lower back usually being the main area of injury. This article is going to focus on a basic little exercise which can help build and engage the core whilst also helping to support the lower back. As a rider, stopping back pain and improving your core strength are two incredibly important aspects of training and could really help boost your performance. The Pelvic Tilt is an easy action which engages the abdominals and leads to the increased lower back flexibility and stability. The idea behind the pelvic tilt is that it makes the ... Read More

ME Pilates Rider Biomechanics

ME Pilates Ltd is an Equestrian Pilates and Rider Biomechanics business, with a passion for supporting riders in their strive for correct riding posture, straightness, symmetry, balance and core strength, amongst others. Mandy Milborrow, owner of ME Pilates, trained at Equipilates, HQ, in Ripley, Derbyshire, founded by dressage rider, trainer, Pilates teacher, Specialist Biomechanics Coach and author, Lindsay Wilcox-Reid. Mandy has 39 years riding experience and is passionate about bringing Pilates to the benefit of riders and making that difference with proven results and tracked development.  ME Pilates Rider Biomechanics What is your motivation? We focus ... Read More


Louise Morgan  As equestrians we are all for marginal gains. We will spend thousands of our hard earned pounds on anatomical bridles and girths, therapy equipment, training aids and an A-Z of supplements for our horses. However, recently I have been learning that one of the most powerful performance enhancing substance is not only absolutely FREE and readily available but it is also one of our basic human rights! We should be getting between 1.5-2 litres of the stuff a day. You probably guessed it! I'm talking about water. Our body is around 60% water ... Read More

GET UP AND GO – Rider Fitness with Georgia Dixon

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. That’s the same with me and the gym. Motivation is so hard to find especially in the winter when the days are shorter and the weather is colder. But, the event season is upon us and rider fitness is on the forefront of everyone’s minds. I know the story, you have had a long day at work, you’ve done all of your jobs, you have ridden your horse(s) and all you want to do it sit in front of the TV and eat. But if you want to ... Read More


As soon as the fixtures for the 2018 season were published on the British Eventing website I, like many event riders, sat down armed with my iPad and the 2018 calendar and began to plan my season. I begin my planning by whittling down which events are within reasonable traveling distance (anywhere within a two hour radius, however, my partner and I have differing ideas as to what is considered reasonable travelling time to spend 'about 10 minutes in total sat on a horse!') I then proceed to decide out of these which dates ... Read More