EVENT REPORTS – Twesledown (4)

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Georgia Dixon reports…

The event season is starting to draw to a close with only a couple of weeks left. Tweseldown hosted its fourth and final event of the season at the weekend and had 14 sections from BE80(T) through to BE100. 

Hamish Clarke and Strawberry Cooley were the BE80(T) Section E winners despite adding 1.2 time faults across the country. They finished on a score of 32 after posting a dressage mark of 30.8. Hamish beat Tom Madgwick and Charlwood Not the Norm II who finished in the runner up position after adding 5.2 time faults too fast to their dressage score of 28.5. 

BE80(T) was won by Elizabeth Evans and Rowhill Rocker who posted the best dressage score of 26.8. This dressage mark allowed them a bit of leverage which meant that despite having 4 show jumping faults the combination still won by nearly 2 penalties. 

Sarah Branagan competed in her first affiliated event to win in on board Pooklands High Noon. Not only was is Sarah’s first event, but Pooklands High Noon’s too. They won BE80(T) Section G after riding to an impressive dressage score of 24.8 and 0.4 too fast time penalties.

The runners up in Section G were Elisabeth Hale and Mossvale Debutante. The finished on their dressage score of 26 to finish 0.8 penalties behind Sarah. 

The BE90 Sections were the main class of the weekend in terms of the most competitors. There were 6 sections overall and each section had about 30 combinations starting. 

Rachel Fisher draws to the end of the season on a high with Sidney Rebel after winning their second event this year at BE90 level. They took the top prize in Section A after adding 4 show jumping faults to a dressage score of 25.8. Alannah Dunstan and Goddan Kilmore were the runners up finishing on 30.4 and Deborah Burrell and Imperial Tangle went home in 3rd place on a score of 31.3. 

The scores were incredibly close at the top of the leader board in BE90 Section B, leaving absolutely no room for error. 

There were only 0.3 penalties separating the winner and the runner up in the section, however, the win did go to Hayley Crush and Stitched Up after they performed a foot perfect double clear to leave them on their dressage score of 27. 

Becca May and Future Cadence also finished on their dressage score of 27.3 making them the runners up in Section B. 

BE90 Section L winner was Doriel Watson and Claude II who finished on their dressage score of 30. They beat Sarah Lowe and Chablis Park who were the overall runners up in section, adding 0.4 too fast time penalties to a dressage score of 30.8. 

Jasmine Wilks and Goldenheart Finlay lead from the start to the finish in BE90 Section M. They had the best dressage score of the section which was 23 and then added only 2 time faults for going too fast across the country. This left the combination on a score of 25.0, 2.6 penalties ahead of the runners up. 

Laura Schroter won the BE90Open Section with Icons OSO Hoity Toity. The combination finished on their dressage score of 28.3. Unlucky for Melissa Joannides and The Elvis who also had the same dressage score as Laura, however 0.8 time faults too fast pushed them down to the runners up position on a score of 29.1.

Gordon Murphy impressed the dressage judge in BE100 Section H and scored 19.3 on board Shanbeg Pandora. The combination then went on to finish on their dressage score for a strong 7 penalty win. Adam Harvey and Don Diego II were the combination who finished in second, finishing on their dressage score of 26.8. 

Adam Harvey did then go on to win BE100 Section I riding Coast. The pair finished on their dressage score of 25.8. Ellie Thorman and Hugonaught finished in 2nd after adding 8 penalties across the final two phases to a dressage score of 22. 

BE100 Section J was won by Sam Penn and Burntwood Sorrel who finished on an impressive dressage score of 23.5. Julia Izzard and Liberal Lady were the combination who finished up in second place, adding 0.4 time penalties from the cross country phase to a dressage score of 25.5. 

There were only 4 combinations in the BE100 Open Section who finished on their dressage score and one of those was Harry Dzenis and KEC Dustin – the winners of the section. They finished on their dressage score of 28.5. Justin Clubley and Daisy XIV only added 0.4 time penalties to a dressage score of 30 which meant that they won the runner up position by a 0.1 penalty margin. 

Photographs courtesy of Gary Horner


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