EVENT REPORTS – Treborough (2)

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Timmy Orritt reports…

Treborough Hill held their second event this season last weekend with classes from BE80(T) to Novice, incorporating 4YO, 5YO, and open sections.

The three Novice sections were all competitive, with few combinations finishing on their dressage scores, and cross country time faults proving influential. In section E, no one finished on their dressage scores, and only the winner of the section, Heidi Stevens and MT Kintyre completed the cross country inside the optimum time, which meant that they finished on a score of 42.5 following 4 faults showjumping and a 38.8 dressage. Mark Ford and Ferona finished behind them in 2nd, when they added 8.8 time penalties cross country to their dressage of 36.8. 

In section F, no one managed to make the cross country time. Tim Cheffings piloted Finesse Aspida RS to the win after a 26.5 dressage and 3.2 time penalties to finish on 29.7, ahead of Michelle Matthews and Primar in 2nd, who finished on a score of 30.5 when they added 5.2 time faults to their 25.3 dressage. Third went to Roberto Scalisi and Granby Mr Finnlay who finished on 33.2 penalties.

Again, the Open Novice section saw no competitors making the time cross country. The win went to Emily Moffat and Corinthian Clover who had a 31.3 dressage followed by 4 faults showjumping and 2.8 cross country time. In 2nd was Phoebe Locke and Graveur who finished on 38.5 following a 31.3 dressage, clear showjumping and 7.2 time penalties cross country.

In the BE100plus section, there were only 3 double clears, one of which went to Katie Hancock and Chytodden Crystal Rose who took the win on their dressage score of 25.3, which was the best the section score. The other double clear was by Mary Pearson and Je Taime Fandango who finished on their dressage of 26.3. The final double clear was by Sarah Barden and King Casper, who finished 4th on 33.8.

Another 4 BE100 sections were ran over the weekend, which includes an Open section. In the Open section, Eleanor Barrett and Casa Blanca finished on their dressage of 32.3 penalties to finish in pole position, with Rebecca Wilkins and Penrose finishing just behind them on 33.3. Lizzie Luxton and Hunros Tolketna took 3rd place, only 0.2 penalties behind the combination is 2nd.

In section A, Selina Milnes took both 2nd and 3rd place with Cooley At The Hilton and Articus on scores of 27.5 and 29.3, however they were beaten by Dani Evans and Hollywood Dancer who led section A from the start with a best dressage in the section of 24 followed by a double clear to maintain their lead and take the section.

Section B saw a win for Vicky Tuffs and Fernhill Funtime who finished on their dressage of 27.5, with Deborah Rusden and Lemon Twist taking 2nd after a double clear following their 29.8 dressage. 3rd place went to Nick Gaunlett and Early Morning who also had a double clear and finished on their dressage of 30.3.

Emily Williams and Culverlane St William of York were the winners of Section M, and one of only two combinations to finish on their dressage score of 33.5. 

“Winning was a very pleasant surprise and something I wasn’t expecting!” Emily told us, “He hasn’t evented much this summer so I was a bit apprehensive about whether he’d be able to contain himself in the dressage but thankfully he did and channelled his energy into a jumping a double clear.” 

Emily and William are hoping to qualify for the Mitsubishi Motors Cup next season, which they have previously competed at in 2015 and 2016 in the BE90 and BE100 section, “Treborough was a good preparation run before our regional finals.”

The other combination in Section M to finish on their dressage score was Stephen Heal and Kiltealy Clipper, who came 3rd on a score of 34.5.

The 4YO section saw Sara Squires and Wellfields Lincoln come 1st after their best dressage in the section of 21.3 followed by a double clear, with Louisa Lockwood and Seven League finish close behind them on their dressage of 21.8. Sara also finished 6th with Victor Niro Cassidy Z after they completed on a 29 dressage and a double clear.

Alexander Peternell and Antigone 11 had the best dressage in the 5YO class, however their 4 showjumping penalties and 2.8 cross country time faults dropped them from the lead to 3rd place behind Charlie Lane and Norman Castle in 2nd and Charlotte Billson and Killycloghan Karma Cruise who finished 1st on a score of 32.5 after being 1 of 3 combinations to go double clear.

The BE90 and BE80(T) sections saw lots of local success, one of these being Zara Overton and Dancing Royale who were in the BE90open section. It was Zara and Poppy’s first event after only being together for 2 weeks, and they finished 7th after a 34 dressage, adding nothing from the other phases.

“Poppy and I have been together for just 2 weeks and we have clicked almost immediately! I played it safe in our dressage with lots more to come,” Zara said, “We then followed this with an awesome double clear around my favourite event! We’ve planned lots more events this season at BE100 with high hopes!”

Photographs courtesy of Tanzy Lee

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