EVENT REPORTS – Shelford Manor

Tinky Morris reports..

Shelford Manor (2) saw a drop in the temperatures after a week of rain. However, considering the volume of rain the ground consumed, it was relatively dry conditions underfoot. The weekend was run seamlessly by the BEDE Events team, hosting 23 sections ranging from BE90 to BE Novice. The showjumping was a fair but testing track designed by Beau Wood, followed by a cross country course that would prove to be extremely influential from Stuart Buntine.

The cross country course seemed fairly harmless on paper, but a newly built and tricky coffin combination at 6 caught out several riders across all sections. It wasn’t just this fence causing trouble, as faults seemed to be littered around the course. It seemed to be a case of getting through the finish clear that became the main objective of the weekend.
First up were the Novice sections, which saw the cross country being by far the most influential phase. Out of 128 starters, the

Novice sections saw 28 eliminations or retirements on course, not to mention the similar levels of combinations picking up jumping faults. However, those that were victorious included:

Section A: Kilwaughter Storm, ridden by Christopher Whittle.
Section B: Clorogue B A Star, ridden by Libby Jane Soley
Section C (U18): Candito, ridden by Ibble Watson
Section D (Open): Jagos Mill, ridden by Helen Scholl

As winner of Section C, and also taking a win in BE100 Section H with Aristoteles S Z, Ibble Watson spoke to Eventing Worldwide:
“I was over the moon it was his [Candito’s] second Novice win on the trot and it was only Candito’s 3rd novice. He’s such a lovely little horse at only 7 he’s got such an exciting future. I would ideally like to do juniors on him next year but I am in no rush at all so I would just like to get the most out of him as I can because he’s so special. He’s only been back in work since April after being off for 4 months due to a broken pelvis and the vets thought he wouldn’t be out this season but thanks to an intense few months of using the laser 2-3 times on his pelvis he made a quick recovery!! He’s a gentle soul and a pleasure to ride, a truly beautiful horse.
Aristoteles S Z was a star all day, he’s a bit of a tank to ride but I’m starting to understand his ways, he’s a really exciting horse. He’s jumped for the first 7 years of his life and only started eventing a year ago.”

Although the cross country was slightly less influential in the BE100 (although the tight time was also a key factor), it was still an important element in the puzzle, along with the showjumping. With only a handful of clears in each section, Beau Wood’s course seemed to test the horse’s balance and agility on the slightly sloping ground. The winners included:

Section E: Castletown IV, ridden by Ruth Tatam.
Section F: Stanhopes Travelling Man, ridden by Ellie Clarke.
Section G: Krystal Rayne, ridden by Tinky Morris.
Section H: Aristoteles S Z, ridden by Ibble Watson.
Section I: Red Rock IV, ridden by Charlie Wells.
Section J (5YO): Tregothan, ridden by Hannah Atkinson.
Section S (5YO): Quality Time, ridden by John-Paul Sheffield.
Section R (U18): Kelshamore Dandy, ridden by Archie Smith-Maxwell.
Section T (U18): SF Detroit, ridden by Izzy Wright.
Section U: Julia B, ridden by John-Paul Sheffield.
Section V: Billy Bank, ridden by Nick Ireland.

Winner of Section F, Ellie Clarke, said:
“Stan (Stanhopes Travelling Man) has been kept ticking over with his owner Sarah Reeve through lockdown and this was his first run back so was a great re-start! He has experience on his side but after it seemed to be causing so many problems it was great for him to finish on his dressage! We plan to hopefully get a few more 100 runs in before the end of the season!”

The BE90 sections seemed to see a muting of the problems out on course, but by no means has they disappeared. Yet again the showjumping was extremely influential, as well as the XC time. In Section L, it was only 4th place Rochelle Taylor-Smith and Twinkle Toes that made it home within the time. The BE90 also saw Annie Dean and Flash gain a hatrick of consecutive wins, after their successes at Frickley and Norton Disney.

The victors included:

Section K (U18): Rainbows Blaze, ridden by Olivia Crawley.
Section L: Dirka CK Z, ridden by Claire Parkinson.
Section M: Nights on Broadway, ridden by Pheobe Cashmore.
Section N: Outrigger II, ridden by Peter Tancock.
Section O (U18): Flash, ridden by Annie Dean.
Section P: LLangybi Deio, ridden by Sarah Wall.
Section Q: Heulfryn Jack of Hearts, ridden by Major Carolyn Bates.

Major Carolyn Bates spoke to Eventing Worldwide after her win:
“I am an army vet (Major Carolyn Bates) and I work at the Defence Animal Training Regiment as the Army’s senior equine vet. Jack is a 13 yo welsh D X ish who I have owned for 2 1/2 years (on loan to me for 18m before that). Jack had a potentially career ending injury in Jan 18 and after a hard long slog of rehab we started our BE journey at shelford Manor (2) last year. Oasby followed shelford manor with Oasby at the start of the season before an enforced 3 month holiday for jack and no riding for me as my workload increased as lockdown commenced (as majority of the Army’s horses relocated to my location from London).
Shelford Manor was our first competition back and it just all went to plan on the same day. Jack (and myself) are usually a bit hot headed in dressage however armed with a warm up plan it all came together and a 28 dressage was the result. A clear SJ and a superb, fast XC followed which was just the icing on the cake. This year we have been selected as part of the Army Eventing Team which is a great honour and through this we have had the support and mentoring of fantastic coaches in the form of Sam York (all three phases) and Sarah Karim (dressage) who could always see the potential in my little welshie and didn’t give up on us. In terms of future plans, the next outing for the Army Eventing Team is Moreton Morrell at the end of Sept followed by the team challenge at Weston Parks early October.”

A huge congratulations to the BEDE team and all the competitions for a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend of sport.

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