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Timmy Orritt reports …

From the 14th to the 16th of June, Nunney held their annual international event, with sections from BE100 all the way up to a CCI – 3*S class.

Nearly 100 combinations started the CCI – 3*S with saw Kitty King riding Cristal Fontaine to victory after obtaining a 24.7 dressage followed by a double clear. The pair were the only ones to complete the section without adding any other penalties to their dressage score, which was bettered only by Marcelo Toli and Starbucks who scored 24.1, however added faults in the jumping phases, allowing Kitty to secure her win.

Speaking to a British Eventing spokesperson, Kitty stated;

“Cristal Fontaine is a very consistent horse. He’s a really good jumper and moves well, he gave me a very good ride.”
Cream Of The Crop ridden by Italian amateur Paolo Belveresi finished 2nd in the section after a respectable dressage score of 30, and a double clear with just 2 time penalties from the cross country phase added to this score to complete on a total of 32. Tom Rowland and Very Good Tempo finished 3rd.

Phoebe Locke, who earlier this month was long listed for the British Young Rider team after becoming the Nation U21 champion, piloted both of her mounts to top 10 finishes in the 3*. Bellagio Declyange (Zozo), who Phoebe has ridden since the end of the last season, finished 4th, and Pica D’or (Pic) finished 10th. Speaking about Zozo, Phoebe said;

“He’s a very exciting horse for me, having already won two intermediates and completing all four of his attempts at 3* double clear. I’m aiming him for Blenheim 8/9 year old 4*. He’s still got so much more to come on the flat which makes him even more exciting!”

Moving onto Pic, Phoebe told us;

“I’m going to aim him at 4* and hopefully some ERM and gain some experience at the big events. I’m so lucky to ride him, he lives for his cross country, he’s the most amazing horse.”
The ONu18 section was won by Jess Rimmer riding Mounttemple Mistress, and they were the only combination to finish on their dressage score of 24.5 after they went double clear round two courses Jess described as “beautifully dressed”. Jess also concluded;
“The ground on the cross country was perfect, despite the changeable weather, and all of the organisers and stewards involved were lovely, making the weekend really enjoyable. This was Mounttemple Mistress’s second BE win in a row after winning at Rockingham in the 2*S, as well as winning the Area 14 Open Pony Club Area Evevnting Qualifier, meaning we are heading for the Pony Club Champs at Cholmondely Castle later in the summer.”

The win in the OIu21 went to Saffron Creswell and Quality Rose who were one of two combinations to finish on their dressage score, with their mark being 34.6. Leila Paske and Billy Mcfee obtained the best dressage score in the section of 28.9, however 4 showjumping penalties and 2.8 time penalties cross country meant that the pair were dropped to 2nd place. Pandora Briselden and Cassis Royale completed their 4th Intermediate finishing just outside the top ten in 11th, after two previous top 10 finishes at Rockingham and Pontispool earlier in the season;

“Casbar and I have just stepped up to intermediate and this was her 3rd double clear at this level. We were aiming for a confident prep run before our first long format 3* at Barbury in August, and then if everything goes to plan I would love to step up to Advanced towards the end of the season.”

Other results 
-B – 1st: Tiana Coudray and Erika Louvo
-C – 1st: Helen Witchell and Captain Balu II
-D – 1st: Holly Woodhead and DHI Houdini
-O – 1st: Harriet Ffooks and Smooth Talk
-P – 1st: Alex Hua Tian and Secret Britannia
BE100open – 1st: Ellie Fredericks and Belaero
BE100Ou18 – 1st: Lottie Adams and Lex V
BE100Plus – 1st: Gubby Leech and Flying Dutchman
5YO – 1st: Stephen Heal and Quidam De Lux
-R – 1st: Louise Harwood and Trevillick
-S – 1st: Gubby Leech and Mullghmeen
Intermediate Novice – 1st: Elisabeth Halliday-sharp and Flas Cooley

Open Intermediate – 1st: Jonelle Price and Cloud Dancer II
-G – 1st: Hector Payne and Global Promise
-H – 1st: Vittoria Paizzon and Caraghs Royal Quality
-I – 1st: Rpberto Scalisi and Alamein
-J – 1st: Sammi Birch and Calcourt Valley
-K – 1st: Tom Jackson and Ask For Manchier
Novice Regional Final – 1st: Laura Collett and Moonlight Charmer Open Novice – 1st: Henrietta Ewell and Connaght Diamond

Images courtesy of Tanzy Lee

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