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Cat Jamieson reports….

Munstead Horse Trials was held over weekend of 16th/17th September with thanks to the team there for holding such a great event, near Guildford, one of my favourite events and I love hearing the great stories from competitors who have competed there over the 2 days, always known for its lovely courses with a variety of fantastic jumps including the rider frightener Trakhener which is always spoken about and photographed with fear from the competitors, but which always rides really well and makes for a great photo.

This weekend was packed with classes ranging from BE80 to BE100 open and includes a Mitsubishi Motors Cup Regional Final.

Section A BE90 Regional Final was won by Victoria Linfield on Jokers Promise, Victoria said “I was Fairly shocked that joker won the RF today. We have had an amazing season and the only reason he hasn’t won more is he has me as his jockey! I feel so honoured to ride him and have him in my life. Though he drives my mum insane with his habits!  We have had a poor preparation for Munstead, as I strained my rotator cuff 6 weeks ago falling off him on the drive at home and he has had some mud fever in the last couple of weeks. Poor pony. However he was amazing today, especially given his lack of prep.   He is now on holiday, and we will slowly build up his fitness for badminton. We went previously in 2015 and it didn’t go to plan. I am hoping we can put it right this time!  Munstead had made some improvements to the track with some new fences

Another to qualify Nicky Bevan on Rhineroe Hero “27.5 dressage 1 down sj 8th place and qualified! Am also currently lying joint second in the at classics eventing series, Not bad for a horse I bought to hunt!  Our Last run will be at Aston before the winter.” And then bubblewrap until Badminton im sure for these competitors!

Section B BE90 Regional Final won by Amy Howe on Unchartered Territory on an 18.3!  Amy said “ I’m now having to save to go to Badminton!!  I had a bit of an anxious wait for my official score to go up but we were nearly 10 marks ahead of the rest of the section I was pretty confident we had done It, twenty million refreshes of Bdwp later and I knew, having only decided the week before that we couldn’t afford to go to Badminton and I wasn’t really fussed about going there, I am now saving!”

Kate Oppenheimer who was 11th in the section said “We came to this event having had a break from jumping due to a minor injury so were lacking match practice. 2 poles down cost us the qualification this time but we head to Dauntsey in 2 weeks for another go.  She’s 6 and I still think the best is yet to come from her.  The aim next year is to step up to 100 when we feel ready probably in the later part of the season.”

Section C BE 90 had one of the youngest competitors in it Pippa Haslam on her pony Whitley Village Solar, they came 5th – Pippa told me “We have had Pickle, Connie cross Welsh D mare, for over 10 years now- since she was a foal. I have always wanted to event her with BE90 being our aim so to achieve a double clear on our second attempt has definitely made the 10 years worthwhile. We have competed together since she was 4 and I was 6, this year she has exceeded all expectations, having being placed in 3 national championships, and due to my newfound addiction to eventing I am asking for a BE membership for Christmas, and who knows; we might even get to BE100?!”  I certainly believe we will see this smart little pairing next season at a BE100 as long as mum Joannas nerves can hold together, possibly competing against each other one day?

Section D BE90 Won by Matthew Perry on The Grey Fellow

Section E BE90 won by Victoria Bax on Albertas Pride with a 21, Victoria said “I was gifted “Frankie” from the Burghwallis Stud in Doncaster in June 2013 as he was the last tb left from their breeding programme. They wanted him to go somewhere he would be used so they found me on fb and contacted me. Lots of messages and photos passed between us then a 10hr round trip to Doncaster on the lorry to collect an unbroken 2 yr old!

I have done everything myself. He started eventing last year at 90 level, with a handful of double clears, a 2nd (qualifying for Riding Club championships horse trials) and a 6th BE at Lt Downham. Just as he was ready to move up to the 5 yr old class he broke and just wasn’t right for the rest of the season. Eventually I decided that his back just couldn’t keep breaking as often as it did so I decided to take him up for a lameness workout in January 2017, cue diagnosis of right hind PSD suspensory issues. Vet suspected this injury to be due to a trauma rather than conformational issues, which was positive. I have used the Arc Equine unit and its rehab plan and 9 months later here we are, back out there winning at our first event in a year and feeling 100000000% better than ever!  He will continue to dressage and sj through the winter to keep strengthening the area and will plan to get crack by again early next season with the aim of upgrading to Novice by the end of next season”

Suzi Stanner who came 6th in this section said “Munstead is my most local venue but one where we’ve had a few ups and downs and we didn’t make it past fence 2 at the event in March.  My aim was to get further than that and although Max made life quite difficult over the first few fences I was thrilled to finish just 1s over the optimum time and take home 6th place.”

Section F BE80 Wobbleberry section – the section for those attempting their first ever event all for a fantastic cause was won by Deborah Baird on Gomez The Goblin, a massive achievement for her and huge congratulations for all that took part, I hope its given everyone the hunger to continue in this wonderful sport.

Section G BE80 won by Charlotte Bull on Macadam Jewel on 24.8

Section H BE80 won by Rebecca Williams on Barley Bree II on 30.3

Section I BE80 won by Jacqui Browning on Western Big Time, Sarah Hayter Sharpe came 2nd on her own Stallion Lucky Turn, missing out on the win by 0.5 of a mark, Sarah told me “it was her second event back after having a break for 3 years, having had a bleed to the brain, the plan for next year would to be start at a BE90 and progress, ideally I would like to qualify for MMC.”

Section J BE100 won by Ed Eltham on Jupiter VIII on 22.5

Section K BE100 won by Jaide Hartridge on Shaboley Harry on 28.6

Section L BE100 won by Natalie McGoldrick on Galant IV on 19.4

Section M BE100 open won by Zoe Embury on Orlando on 29.2

Section N BE90 open won by Gubby Leech on Royal Harvest, Fionnuala Mccredie whos daughter  was 9th in the class told me about her horse Billy Eurostar “ My 14 year old daughter Sorcha Muir has just started riding Billy Eurostar (Luna), a terrific horse that Jennifer Galuszka rode early in the season. She started eventing this year but her horse The Countess of Melcombe went lame; Luna has given her the confidence to start doing 90s. She was 9th in the 90 Open, which is a modest beginning but a very precious rosette for her as she has watched her big sister event for three years and finally she is experiencing success which is just great to see.”

Section O BE90 was won by Matthew Hayes on Aughabeg Boy on 28.3

Section P BE90 was won by Ania Cox on her own Unbelievable Jewel, Ania said “I won section P 90 at Munstead yesterday on a 28.5 DC. I got the horse in Nov last year and she’d never evented before. We’ve had an ok season with a few placings at 90 & 100 but then had a rotational fall 5 weeks ago at Smiths Lawn in the 100. I just had concussion, bruised ribs and dislocated wrist so was blooming lucky! Anyways, yesterday was just about getting round with no drama so getting my first ever win was the icing on the cake” huge congratulations to Ania.

Becky Gibbons who was 3rd in the section said “Our last BE event was lmeq regional final 2015 where we qualified for badminton – then I fell pregnant and then duba put a hole in his superficial flexor tendon, he had over a year of box rest/ rehab and we started cantering March this year – only been jumping since July – we did Tweseldown 80 unaffiliated end of August and came 2nd and today was back to BE – we are over the moon one step closer to badminton and I can’t thank Sarah Schofield, my trainer enough.”

Section Q BE90 was won by Nadia Stones on Nibors Digby on 24.   Louise who was 7th in a section of BE90 said “It’s only taken 3 years and it may “only” have been 7th place but for me it was the reward for a long struggle and hard work, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! We have really struggled with confidence issues since Leena fell on me 2 years ago in jump training and, frankly, the partnership broke down. This compounded an already existing severe lack of “self-belief” in my ability as a rider. I think the turning point was earlier this year when i took a break from work and focussed more consistently on training with constructive but positive trainers. Adam Kemp at AM Dressage actually made me believe that i could ride my horse and Corinne Bracken was unbelievably helpful in figuring Leena out for jumping. Yesterday, the dressage was “ok” and Leena didn’t make up any moves of her own, except she decided to halt twice in the walk! A very steady (unusual) clear showjumping and then a tad excitable xc where she got a little too close to a couple of fences which will be the next thing to work on! I am still smiling and will be for a long time to come..”

So that’s Munstead over for another year, and I would just personally like to take this opportunity to thank the whole team there, not only do they run BE but they also run a number of the UA ODE throughout the season, unfortunately I had a nasty fall in their April event 2 fences from home where I broke quite a lot of things and am out of action until the New Year, I was travelling alone, and whilst I was shipped off to hospital for a nice weeks stay, they took immediate control over my horse and made sure he was looked after until someone could take him home for me, they really are one of the best teams around.

Photographs courtesy of Gary Horner


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