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Munstead  Horse Trials is held at Heath Farm, Goldaming, Surrey.  Just 10 minutes from the A3, it s situated on fantastic sandy ground ensuring good running all year round.

2 BE Events are held here yearly.  The weekend of 25th/26th March saw the first.

With courses ranging from 80-100+ Munstead is always a hugely popular event in March.


The 80 and some 90 classes were held.

Section 90 A

All top 3 finished on their dressage scores:

Victoria Linfield on Jokers Promise, 25.3 followed by Ella Heron on Floyd IV on 26.5 and Nelly Pearse on Killagoola Boy with 29.3.

Victoria said “Joker is a Grassroots superstar, we didn’t have a great year last year so he had a good holiday in the field and has come back feeling super.  We have changed his feed so he is a lot calmer – the aim is to keep him at 90 and have fun, whilst doing some more BS and BD.”

Section 90 B was won by Lucy Gasston on Smart Colours, again finishing on her dressage score of 29.3, Julie Horton was 2nd on 30.5 and Laura Copeman on Lady Quinsey 3rd with 30.8 (another finishing on their dressage score)

Victoria Brant who was in the top 10 of this section said, “Munstead is our first event of the season, and we were so lucky, the sun was shining, the cappuccinos were flowing and the ground was amazing, super pleased to have come 7th.”

Joe Benham who came 5th said “ this is our first BE90 and we really want to get to the Mitsubishi Motors Cup, and aiming to get a BE100 in before the end of the season”

The 90 Open was section C, won by Gillian Howard Smith on 29.0, then Sharon Hunt with Ghana Spartacus on 30.0 and in 3rd Limara Thorne on One More Song on 30.3, the top 3 all finishing on their dressage scores.

Next we moved onto the 80T sections, Munstead is renowned for being a super event to start off at and also to then move up the levels.

Section D was won by Caroline Hagger on I’m Another King on 29.4 who by looking at the BE records was last paced 15th here at Munstead 2 in 2016 so they must be thrilled with the win, 2nd went to Eden Blake on Brendon Hill Sharp Talk on 29.8 and 3rd to Aileen Tizzard on Matt Lu on 34.1

Section E 80T was won by Olivia Hall on Rockwood Sam on 33.7 Olivia has not competed this horse BE since May 2016 where they finished middle of the table at Borde Hill, Paris-Maria Johnson on Malin Rose was 2nd on 34 and Carli Kent on Nannini on 34.1 was 3rd

Angela Gilbert who came 6th and does this for fun says “I started eventing late and never dreamed I’d be able to achieve what I have, I only want to enjoy my hobby and have fun, and we certainly do that.”

Section F – Alexandra Williams took the win on Misty Miss on 29.8, I believe this was the horse and riders first ever BE competition so to have come out with the win is a very promising start.  Nicola Mcure on Zippity Doo Dah was 2nd on 31.2 and Joanne Price on MillBrae Finn on 31.3 for 3rd.

That finished a busy Saturday and next onto Sunday, which started off with another batch of 90s.

Section G 90 was won by Louise Gladding on Tangelo on 24.8, this combination also came 3rd in their section t Poplar Park 2 weeks ago, Samantha Enticott and Kilcarroll Lad in 2nd on 30 and Eleanor Peek on Touch of Frost IV on 30.7

Section H 90 was won by Henrietta Meddings on Martin S on 23.5, who also won their BE 90 section at Tweseldown 1 on the 9th March, then Bethany Puzio on Smokin Gun on 24.3 and Melissa Joannides on Cloon Fear Fionn on 25.2, Melissa also won the 100 Section J on Silken Crème. 

Section I 90 was won by Sacha Gibson on Pot Luck finshing on the lowest score of the day their dressage score of 21.3, this combination have clearly put a lot of work in over the winter since last season to come here for the win.  Diana Burgess from Canada was 2nd on Sceptical on 21.8 – another fantastic score and Jeremy Samuels on Bloomfields Arthur was 3rd on 22.5. 

Section J 100 as mentioned previously was won by Melissa Joannides on 23.4 with Silken Crème, this horse proving to be a very consistent Grassroots horse – with 8 top 10 placings last season and coming straight out for the win here at Munstead, Lucy Edemeades Steams was 2nd on Rumplestiltskin on 28.3 and Sophie Jenman on Ramiros Bounty on 28.8

Sophie Hyde who came 6th on her horse Shannondale OSO said” im so pleased, its this horses first 100 and to come 6th is great, after a 1st, 2nd and 3rd at 90, and Ive only had him for 6 months”

Section K 100 was an Irish 1,2,3 but was certainly Sacha Hourigans section with a 1st and 2nd on her 2 horses Boy IV and Macadam Jewel, both horses finishing on their dressage scores of 25.5 and 30.0, Sacha also had a 4th on her other horse Fahys Queen in Sction J.  Karen Gray on Lexus Hof Ter Zeedycke was 3rd on 32.0

Section L 100open won by Hugh Train on Iris II on 26.8, Annie Ho was 2nd on Jockey Club Amy Lee 2 on 28.0, Annie also had a 10th place and a 4th with 3 rides.   Tom Crisp was 3rd on Regatta Girl on 30.3 Tom also took a 6th in Section K on his 2nd horse.

Maddie Oldfield who was in the top 10 of the section says “Munstead is a lovely place to start the season, nothing  overly challenging, but enough to make you actually ride, great ground and always friendly people, always a bonus when Spidge photography are there too.”

Section M 100+ Emily Llewellyn stole the show on Mr Tornado with a 24.5 finish, just 0.5 ahead of Paulina Swindells on Maurice the Dude on 25.0 and Rachel Harris on Manor Mayhem picked up 3rd.

Mr Tornado and Emily also came 2nd in the BE100 at Tweseldown on the 9th March.

Thanks go to the organisers of Munstead and all the volunteers for such a superb day.

Photographs courtesy of Gary Horner 



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