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Timmy Orritt reports…

This weekend saw Moreton Morrell hold another event with multiple sections running from BE90 up to BE Novice, with open sections included.

In the BE90, four sections were ran. In section I, Carrie Umpleby and Hilldare Batman scored the best dressage of 23.5, however had 8 showjumping faults added to this which dropped them from the topspot down into 3rd. Carrie also finished 3rd in section J with Grey Dawn Hilldare when they had a double clear following a dressage of 29. 2nd in section I went to Lousie Barrett and Blossoms Magna Carter, who finished on their dressage of 31, and Linda De Matteo and Filey Beach took 1st when they added 1.2 time penalties cross country to their dressage of 25.3. Cloonkeen Supreme was piloted by Tom Sibson to take 2nd place in section J when they finished on their dressage of 28.5 behind Kirstie Wright and Mill House Carpe Diem who led from start to finish on their best dressage of 27.8 followed by a double clear.
In section K, Kerry Arnold-herrick and Brownscombe Francesca took the win after adding 0.4 to their dressage mark of 29.5. 2nd place went to Laura Ridout and Hathaway Star on a mark of 31, and Amelia Ludiman and Bernwode Nairobi secured 3rd when they also went double clear, and finished on their dressage of 33.5.

In the open section, Tara Anderson and Christine Hardinge were neck and neck the whole way on Mister Bond II and Simply Certain, when they both scored 32.8 dressage marks followed by double clears inside the time. However in the end Christine and Simply Certain were the closest combination to the optimum time meaning they finished in first position, with Tara finishing in 2nd. 3rd place went to Katie Richards and Silver Sunshine after they followed their 33.8 dressage with a double clear. Katie also finished 3rd in section G of the BE100 with Hardingville Sunrise when their 27.5 dressage was followed by 4 faults showjumping and 1.6 cross country time faults. In first place in section G was John-paul Sheffield and Hikita who had the best dressage in the section of 24.3, and added just 0.4 cross country time penalties. 2nd place went to Piggy French and Emerald Jonny who finished on a score of 27.4. Piggy also finished 2nd in section H on Highdown March when they finished on their dressage of 26.5. The winner of section H was Claire Al-Redha and Legrande, who led from the start when they scored a dressage mark of 26.5. In section F, the showjumping proved very influential and there were only 3 clears. Alex Gretorex and Tullibanas Hes Cool led the section from the start on a dressage of 27.3, and maintained their lead when they on4 faults from the showjumping phase. 2nd place went to Michael Winter and American Express who were one of the three combinations to go clear showjumping, and the pair added just two showjumping time faults to their dressage of 30.

In section M, Paolo Torlonia and Gallant II had the best dressage in the section of 28, however their 0.4 time penalties cross country dropped them into 2nd behind Abigail Tomlinson and PN Hugo, who were one of three combinations to finish on their dressage score of 28.3. In section O & P, there were only 3 combinations to finish on their dressage scores, and the showjumping proved to be very influential in both. Becci Leigh Harrold and Shannondale Annie won section P when they finished on the best dressage score performed of 26.5, with Will van Ufford and Hellios BH taking 2nd place 6.3 penalties behind the pair in first. Both 1st and 2nd places finished on their dressage scores with Katie Strelczuk and Aprils Royale Ruby taking the lead on a final score of 31, and Lisa Freckingham and Washingtons Sunrise in 2nd on a mark of 36. The open section saw the top 5 combinations finish on their dressage scores. The winner of this section was Georgie Frow, who rode TS Shanghai and finished on their dressage of 28. 2nd went to Kitty King and The Last Euro on 30, and Jessica Thomas and Marguerite Bart came 3rd just behind Kitty on a score of 31.8.

In Novice section A, there were no combinations to finish on their dressage score, and Eloise Littler and Rebel Edward were the only two to finish the cross country inside the optimum time. The pair added 4 showjumping faults to their 33.5 dressage to finish on a mark of 37.5 in 3rd. 2nd place went to Alison Lidstone and Crossfield Smartie who accumulated 2.4 time penalties cross country after a dressage of 33, and Holly Woodhead took 1st with Global H when they maintained their lead after the had the best dressage mark of 25, followed by 4 showjumping faults and 0.4 time penalties. In section B, the winner was the only one to finish on their dressage score and make the time cross country. Rosie Thomas and Nippy Morning finished on 32.3, ahead of Jasmine Holmes and Doolin De Reve who finished after they had 1.2 time faults added to their dressage of 31.3.

In section there weren’t any combinations to finish on their dressage scores, however Rosie Rickett and Chevalin Duchess added 7.2 time penalties to their best dressage of 25.3 to finish 2nd behind Austin O’Conner and Falvaro who added 3.2 time faults to their dressage on 28.5 which meant they could take the win. 3rd saw Claire Surl and Grafelles when they accumulated 10 time penalties which were added to their dressage of 27.3. In section E, Ros Canter piloted Rehy Royal Diamond to the win as they maintained the lead they gained in the dressage phase by scoring 24.8, followed by 7.2 cross country time penalties. Charlotte Allwood and Donogue Big Ronnie finished in 3rd place, and were the only pair in the section to finish on their dressage mark of 37.5. The open section saw Noah Brook and Grafenstolz Distinction take the win after adding 0.4 time penalties to their dressage of 31.3, with Charlotte Agnew and Charlie Harper finishing just behind them in 2nd when their 31.5 dressage was followed by a double clear and 0.8 cross country time penalties.

Photographs courtesy of Jessica Phipps


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