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More than 300 competitors headed to the heart of the Welsh countryside for Monmouth’s British Eventing fixture last weekend with classes ranging from BE90 to Open Novice. 

BE90 Sections were new to the event this year but were well supported by riders, with some travelling from as far as Hampshire and Devon for the competition. 

Lucie Stokoe and Dolores II collected their fourth win in 2017 in BE90 Section M. The pair have accumulated ten top ten placings in total this year, and on this occasion, they won on a score of 28.9. However, Lucy’s season didn’t get off to a great start when Dolores got kicked at a show in January and was off work until February. 

Lucy told Eventing Worldwide: “When we thought she was back to normal, she contracted an infection which made her legs randomly swell up. A short course of antibiotics fixed each bout but after five reoccurring flare ups we tried a different treatment and touch wood that has sorted it. We did attempt to event her between bouts when she was sound – she was fine in the dressage, but she just wouldn’t jump. It got to the stage in mid-May where I was going to give up eventing – she obviously wasn’t enjoying it but looking back the infection must have still been lingering and causing her discomfort.” 

But Lucy’s fortunes change at Mount Ballen and since then the pair haven’t looked back. Lucy added: “Now the dressage is starting to get back to normal and she is jumping cross country, we are really starting to relax and enjoy ourselves. We just need to work on the speed – she runs at Novice pace naturally so it’s hard to slow her down and we always seem to end up with too fast time penalties. I still can’t believe that she has won four in a row looking back at where we were four months ago – I am just so proud of her. We have two regional finals left for this season so I am hoping firstly that the weather holds out and that secondly she continues the good form and looks after me. Like everyone I would desperately love to qualify for the grass roots championships. But it is nice to know we have a few tries at regionals for next year if it doesn’t work out for us this season.”

Another rider collecting another consecutive win was Katie Mathias with Lordor Carl. In winning BE90 Section Q it was their third win on the trot. 

Perhaps the most impressive winning margin of the weekend went to Michael Winter, of Gloucestershire-based Wayfarer Eventing, who won Novice Section B with Explosion VMH by ten marks on their dressage score of 24.3. Ella Hitchman was another impressive winner

Other section results: Novice Section A Ali Wilkes, Social Butterfly; Novice Section C Daniel Sibley, Baloux Lordanos; BE100 Plus Section E Alice Pearson, Devi Z; BE100 Section F Lauren Painter, Barrister II; BE100 Section G Laura Ridout, The Bank Manager; BE100 Open Section H Emma Jones, Rocky XII; BE100 Section J Joe Roome, Merdien D Exaerde; BE100 Section K Christina Wiederkehr, DG Canta; BE90 Section N Kerry Phelps, Letterlough King Hector; BE90 Section P Sophie Smith, EMS Futura Estrella; BE90 Open Section R Tara Anderson, Mister Bond II. 

Photographs courtesy of TB Photographic


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