EVENT REPORTS – Goring Heath

Cat Jamieson reports ..

Goring Horse Trials held over the weekend of 30th and 31st March 2019, based in the heart of Oxfordshire Farmland with classes ranging from BE90 to BE105. 14 sections over the 2 days, all full, with lovely bright warm weather on the Saturday and slightly chillier on the Sunday, nevertheless 2 great days of fun packed Eventing.

BE100 Section A was won by Rebecca Harvie on Ballylennon Remo, she told me about her win

“I started the day questioning my sanity”, as the organiser of Munstead Horse Trials, they had over 320 horses competing at her own base “and here I was swanning off to compete myself. The last time I went to Goring was about 20 years ago and I am so pleased that I went. It was our first event of the season and what a way to start with a win, I can’t believe it, 100 RF here we come. He’s such a star and tries his heart out for me.” In 2nd place was Ellie Fredericks and Balearo, 3rd Lucy Goodey on Lady Guinevere Elm, who also had a 9th place in Section B.

BE 100 Section B taken by Jessica Copsey finishing on 23 on Myspires Perfect Resolution. Georgie Patrick Beach in 2nd and Shannon Lewis in 3rd place. Jessica who won was riding Prim who is for sale, but she will be competing her for the rest of the season, she is hoping to find herself a intermediate horse to teach her the ropes but at the moment is having too much fun on the for-sale horses.

BE 100 Section C James Avery on DHI Highlight, 2nd place Lydia Hannon on PartyTrick II, 3rd place Charlotte Jewel. James also had a 6th place in Section D on Casanova Tom Boy, and another top 20 with his 3rd horse.

BE 100 open Section D Harriet Holland on Penhill All Dun UP – 30.5 Harriets next event Is Ascott U Wychwood. Scarlett Parker and Lucy Gasston were in 2nd and 3rd. Lucy had a 13th in the 90 on Smart Colours, it proved to be a tough section as she finished sub 30!

BE 105 Section E Darcy Zander on Hasty Imp – 30.1, Darcy has got off to a smashing start this season, with a 1st, 3rd and 4th in 2 previous events.

BE 105 Section F Charlotte Hordle on JKS Topgun – 28.4 Charlotte came 5th at Aston at the start of the season and is actually heading off next month the Mitsubishi Motors Cup at Badminton in the 100, as I am sure a lot of the competitors here this weekend are, using Goring in their last couple of runs and fine tuning.

BE 105 Section G Florrie Dyer on Bernhard III – 30.8 Melissa Joannides had a great save when her horse, the Stallion, Prometheus decided he wanted to be a seahorse, she said online that “somehow he grew a pair of fins and saved us, he carried on to finish like a soldier and completed his first BE105 to finish 9th after a good dressage test, I cant be prouder of his attitude as was fully accepting I was getting a dunking.”

BE 90 Section H Georgina Beeby Wynn on Dartans Green Light – 29.0, they are off to Aston UA at the weekend, Harriet George was 2nd on Ashfield Houdini and 3rd was Alice Gates on Star 12 who next compete at Larkhill this weekend coming.

BE 90 Section I Chloe Stevens on Danesfield Rodeo – 31.5, another one who has started their season as they mean to go on with a 3rd at Oasby at the start if the month, this follows them ending their season in 2018 with a win and a 5th in a couple of unaffiliated events, Chloe must be super pleased to have got a RF Qualification under her belt for this season already. Georgina Pearce was 2nd with Ruffty Tufty and Pippa Roome in 3rd on Kiltulla Lad.

BE 90 Section J Elizabeth Richards on Unique Vision – 28.5. Alex Richards in this section told me that is was the first double clear on the mare, and their best ever dressage score in 2 years so she was over the moon to be in the top half of the section, proving that hard work really does pay off.

BE 90 Open Section K was taken by Mary Thelwell on Casta Diva who finished on 25 – it looks as though this combination have had 2 years out of eventing, so a massive congrats to them and we wish them all the best in their next competition whenever that may be. Amelia Walker on Harbouring was 2nd and Sophie Croxton in 3rd on Mr McGowan.
BE 90 Section L Grace Twist on Gemarko – 22.3, Grace had the lowest completion score of the whole event. Grace had a 3rd place at Tweseldown last month and is entered next at Chilham at the end of April. Matthew Perry was 2nd on The Grey Fellow, with 24.5 and Lucy Turner on Theo V.

BE 100 Section M Coral Keen on Quintessential III – 26.8, Coral had an easy event at Goring with only the 1 horse entered, however with a swift turnaround taking 4 horses to Portman start of the week and another 4 horses at Larkhill at the end of the week, the life of a professional eventer!

BE 100 Section N Sam Gillespie on Emerald Grafitti – 29.5 Sam had his first win of the season on Heather Butlers Emerald Grafitti, leading the dressage on a score of 25.5 with on pols SJ and clear XC inside the time to take the win, they are all super chuffed and hoping this is the first win of a few more this season.

Images courtesy of Verona Thomas Photography 

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