Equitool – the innovative all-in-one Equestrian tool, the must have gift this Christmas!

Equitool – the innovative all-in-one Equestrian tool!

If you’re looking for the ULTIMATE equestrian tool then look no further than Equitools.

Recently launched to market, the HT1-1 Equestrian Multitool is the smartest product any rider can add to their grooming kit and is a must have for any tack room or horsebox. It provides everything you need in one handy tool.

The team bringing this innovative tool to the UK market are no strangers to the eventing world, supporting riders including Olivia Haddow, Laura Mitchell and Ellie Bryce and attending events across the country with them throughout the year. It is this involvement with riders need for an all-in-one tool that was the driving force being the launch of this pioneering tool. 

Constructed from Stainless Steel, making it extremely strong and robust, and complete with a sturdy holster the HT1-1 can assist you in multiple tasks providing a thread tap, stud hole picker, stud key and spanners, hoof-pick and knife blade. And all of the tools are located with-in the folding handle grip.

All you have to do is open the lid, pick your tool of choice and then fold the lid back so the tool becomes locked in place. And when you need it for putting studs in, the thread tap utilises both lid sections to form a T grip. The holster also has a belt loop allowing you to keep it handy with you when out and about and also a hanging loop for storing it where you might need it.

Because of its handy size, it can fit almost anywhere – pockets, grooming kits, glove compartments so you’ll always have it to hand. And when you out and about at an event you only need to carry one tool with you!

This all-in-one tool is being offered for the special price of £45 (plus £4.95 delivery) and would make a fantastic Christmas present for any rider and their support team.

Website: www.equitools.co.uk (under construction)

Email: info@equitools.co.uk  

Facebook: Equitools

Instagram: Equitools

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